Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Crafts

Ok. So the candy corn bottles aren't for Myka, but still a neat idea to reuse old stuff, eh? Which, btw, I'm not taking credit for any of the ideas behind any of these crafts. I either found them on Pinterest or other blogs. 

           I enjoy doing just about any type of craft, so when you mix that with Halloween, my favorite holiday, it's extra fun! Since Myka is not old enough to do the projects with me that I found (Pinterest is a wonderful thing, isn't it?), I decided to do them myself anyways for her. They've really spruced up her main "learning corner" in our living room. :)

Myka checking out the new pumpkins in her corner.

She was a lot more into her "tree people" than I thought she would be. (Yes, there are small parts. Yes, I watched her the whole time. :P) However, mama will be gluing and re-gluing some of the fallen comrades arms back on. lol Also, I have to admit both John and I thought these things were kind of weird when we first saw them on Pinterest, but I think they turned out pretty cute, don't you? They remind me of the treeants (sp?) on The Lord of the Rings movies for some reason and also the Green Man from pagan religions. 

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