Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Silly Sock Puppets

            I’m sure you can figure out how to make sock puppets on your own, but I felt like sharing the ones I made. Kick it up a notch like I did and use some felt instead of markers to really bring them to life! Young children will enjoy these and helping make them too if they’re old enough for scissors.

What you’ll need:
-CLEAN socks (they don’t have to be new)
-felt in a variety of whatever colors you want
-hot glue gun

WARNING! This should go without saying, but do NOT let your child use the hot glue gun! Trust me on this. I accidentally burned two of my fingers while making these and it did not feel very good! And I have a relatively high pain tolerance!

1)     Cut out your felt pieces. Suggestions: eyes, mouth, hats, crowns, hair, fangs, etc.

2)     With your hot glue gun, glue your pieces together that have multiple parts. For example, I glued my eye and crown pieces together first. Be sure to let them cool off for a couple of minutes.

3)     You can start gluing on the pieces in whatever order you like, but I thought the eyes made a good reference point for the other pieces.

4)     That’s pretty much it. I recommend letting your pieces cool off some before gluing more on. Do NOT glue pieces on with your hand inside! Wait until the glue is cooled off if you need to put the sock on your hand to check where to put the next piece on.
The one on the left I dubbed Nicki Minaj and the other one is King Socko because I'm original like that. ;)

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, Myka thought these were great!

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