Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Festivities Pinterest Party & Blog Hop

Welcome to the Fall Festivities Pinterest Party and Blog Hop!

        Fall has always been my favorite time of year: the leaves are turning, pumpkins get carved, Halloween costumes and decorations are put together. There's just something about it that makes it magical! This year let's share some of our favorite fall activities with each other! 


-These don't necessarily have to be blog posts: It could be a link to your favorite scary movie, a recipe, etc. 
-Everything goes as long as it's related to fall in someway and does not contain adult material. (I realize that's a pretty vague term, but if you have any concerns, just ask first.) Even though this is an October event, PLEASE feel free to include Thanksgiving related posts as well! 
-You are not required to follow anyone, but if you leave a blog post, please try to find at least a few others that strike your fancy and either leave a comment on their post or share it by pinning it on one of your own Pinterest boards. 
-The link-up and Pinterest board will be open all month long, so feel free to link up more than once!

        Once I have approved your submission (aka make sure it's not inappropriate), I will add it to the public "Fall Festivities Pinterest Party" board on my account. Thanks so much for your participation and happy linking and pinning!

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