Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cabin Fever & Other Shenanigans

            Well, I was going to write about how crazy I was going from being indoors so much lately, but I finally cured it some this morning! …I’m still going to write about it anyways.
            I know, I know. It’s only Tuesday, why was I getting cabin fever already? Well, I was sick this weekend, so the only getting out I did was taking Myka to a babysitter. What’s worse, as you may have read, is that one or the other kid has been sick for the past few weeks. So naturally, the day I finally decide everyone feels well enough to go for a walk, I wake up feeling not so great. (In hindsight, the fresh air probably would have done them some good while they were sick.) I still ended up taking them on a walk around the neighborhood because I’m stubborn like that. ; )
            You may be wondering what the big deal is about getting out. Well, to put it nicely, the woman I babysit for has MANY quirks. Evidently, not letting anyone besides her and her husband take their son anywhere is one of them. I thought it was just me…Until this morning when I told her mom, “I already told Lori (not her real name) I’m going to try to take the kids to the library today, so we might not be here if you stop by for lunch.” To which she replied, “I wish she’d let me take him somewhere.” I gave her a confused look and said something along the lines of, “She doesn’t let you take him anywhere either?” She said she’d never taken him anywhere in the car! Her own mom! I told her I was kind of glad it wasn’t just me, if you get what I mean.
            So yah, other than walking around their neighborhood (whoopdee doo), it’s kind of a big deal going anywhere while babysitting. (5 days a week.) Which really sucks because I like taking trips to the library and going for walks at parks. I’m the one who picked this job like a moron, so I’ll just have to suck it up for now.
            I am happy to say that we (we as in MY family) have some fun stuff to do this month. There is some arts and music festival downtown this weekend. The library is also having a Halloween party the week before Halloween and trick-or-treating the day of! Some of you might be thinking, “Trick-or-treating at the library? That’s kind of lame.” Maybe so (even though I don’t think so. I love the children’s section in our library!), but we’ve noticed that this town doesn’t really do door-to-door trick or treating. For the most part, I don’t blame people. There’s some shady areas downtown. I’m still crossing my fingers that my friends at the national park get their shiitake together and have some kind of festivities going on too. 

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