Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This Week in Pictures-10/28

             Hey folks! We have still been busy, busy, busy around here! Last Wednesday I had my last “every 4 weeks” checkups for baby #2 (aka Starfish) and, unfortunately, have to go for the 3 hour glucose test tomorrow AND have another ultrasound at my regular appointment next week because I'm “measuring big”. -_- More on that in a different post, though.
             I'm really bummed, but also kind of relieved, that I had to cancel the craft playdate I was hosting yesterday. I feel like I've been playing a game of catch up and need more time. It's still kind of irritating, though, because I plan mine a couple of weeks in advance and of course it would rain the ONE DAY, right? On top of that, it just feels like nothing is going “right” this week. But, here are some highlights of the week...

             The best part by far was our photography playdate last Friday. It was so pretty at the lake we went to. It's amazing I was even able to get any pictures at all because Myka and her little friend decided a brisk hike on one of the trails was a good idea. ;) These are my favorite pictures above.

             This one just because. I love all of the fall colors and am sad to see them going already. What's up with the wind lately?! Maybe I'm still just used to living in Arkansas. ;)

             We tried to work on some little projects this weekend, one of them being the fire pit. As you can see, at least one of the cats is always close at hand to help.
             Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween, however you may celebrate it. :) See you next week!

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