Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This Week in Photos-10/14

             Hey folks! We have had a pretty busy week around here. I feel like I should have gotten more accomplished, but hey. At least we had fun and aren't sick any more, right?

             We finally got around to a little bit of “school stuff” at the end of last week. (More on school stuff in tomorrow's post!) I took some suggestions/ideas from people in a couple of my Facebook groups, which is how we ended up with fall colored pumpkin seeds. Myka had fun helping me shake the bags to dye them, though she hasn't played with them much yet. I also hid some little fall trinkets in playdough for her to find and she absolutely LOVED that. So much so I had to hide stuff three times. Lol

             We also re-opened our Etsy store this week. Yay! We have new bottles and pumps for our liquid soap, which hopefully work better than the old ones! I don't see how they can't. We are also adding a new Make-It-Yourself Face Mask Kit. Fun, right? You can see what else we have for sale at Cottage in the Woods Co.

             Myka turned three Sunday, so my in-laws were here for that. John and his dad got the power wheels that someone left behind and gave it a good wash. All it needed was a new battery, now it's good to go! She's still a little leery of it, though. Ha ha

             Last, but not least, we hosted another craft playdate at the park today. I was really happy with the turnout and I think everyone had a good time! However, it's all fun and games until someone falls down and gets a fat lip. :( (Does anyone else have a kid that seems to trip over their own feet all the time?) See ya next week!
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