Monday, October 5, 2015

Glow in the Dark Moon Craft

             Hey folks! Since we're still pretty lax in our homeschooling stuff, we just got around to letter “M” a few weeks ago. Instead of starting at the beginning of the alphabet in the fall like most people and schools do, we just picked up (after we moved) where we left off, which was around “K”.
             Anyways, Myka is a little obsessed (fascinated might be a better word?) with the moon and gets very excited whenever she sees it. So, we had to do a moon craft for the letter “M”, of course. I came across one on another blog I like getting ideas for activities and crafts from, but it wasn't really striking my fancy. Mostly because I didn't feel like having to go buy materials I didn't have for it. Lol I brainstormed what we could do instead and still be fun, then I remembered the paint we used on our paper plate jellyfish a few months ago is glow in the dark paint! And, because I thought Myka would like it and make our moon look even cooler, I even * gasp * broke out the craft herpes: glitter. Here's how it turned out and what you need to make your own!

             I was really pleased with how it turned out with the glitter and, most importantly, Myka seemed to enjoy making it. Besides working as a letter “M” craft, you could also use it during a moon or space unit or just because!

What You'll Need:

-paper plate
-q-tips (for spreading paint around, if you desire)
-glow in the dark paint (we happened to have the Tulip brand in the little squeeze tubes)
-glitter in whatever color(s) you want

*Tip: Don't use too much glitter, especially darker colors, otherwise you won't be able to see your glow in the dark paint in the dark! Also note that, depending on what type of glow in the dark paint you are using, it may take a few days for it to "charge". (aka Get enough light during the day that it actually glows when it's dark.)

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