Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This Week in Photos-10/7

            Hey folks! I have to admit I've been bad about taking pictures of our goings-on this week, so I cheated and used some pictures from the previous week or two. I do have a few from this week that I'll either post next week or you can check out on my Instagram page.

Before jumping into our autumn theme stuff, we've been doing apple crafts and activities. Here's some apple oobleck we "make-uh da pie" with above. 

It finally cooled off enough the other weekend that I was finally able to let Myka play in the creek without getting swarmed by mosquitoes! Needless to say, she had lots of fun. Oh. And a random picture of the kittens being cute.

I finally (hopefully) finished my army of tp roll bat treat holders. I'm planning on handing them out at the last craft playdate I host before Halloween for our meetup group. I ended up making 17. O.o I hope that's enough! Also, since people are so weird about candy (myself included) and there are lots of younger kids who come, I'm thinking little trinkets from the Dollar Tree may be the way to go? Leave your ideas below in the comments!

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