Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gardening Spotlight: Cool Crops Update 10/8

            Hey folks! I thought I would share a little update on how our cool season crops are coming along. Again, we did not do anything special to the soil and, since we've only lived here for 2 months, this is our first time planting ANYTHING here. Let's look at some piccies...

            Well...While we planted everything at the end of August/beginning of September like most, if not all, of our plants is recommended, it's been warmer for longer than usual. So, I blame that on certain veggies not taking off better. As you can see on the right, our radishes have gone crazy and are doing just fine! We've already been picking those, actually, and have way more than we can eat since we got a little ahead of ourselves and didn't space our planting dates out. Oops. (There are also beets hiding behind the radishes. They are doing pretty good.)
            In the very middle our romaine is starting to get bigger finally. I could care less, but John and Myka will be happy to have romaine salads. :D We have a couple of spinach rows to the very left of the romaine...but I had just picked it for MY salad. lol (I also weeded not long after I took this. Yikes! Thanks a lot, rain!)
            Our carrots are finally starting to get bigger it seems. It's also been getting a LOT cooler over night, so maybe that is helping. John is planning on making a fence sometime soon (I think) because we've seen signs of wascally wabbits by the carrots.
            Other than that, our lettuce isn't really growing at all. We have a few small, sad little sprouts. That's it. :/ (Again, I'm not personally all that sad because I'm picky and only eat spinach salads. Speaking of which...)

            Here's where all the spinach went from the first picture! ;) I've not had radishes in a VERY long time (I don't think I've ever had white icicle ones), so it was a nice change to my salad. Spinach+grated parmesan+balsamic vinaigrette=yum!

            What are your favorite veggies to grow in the fall? What's your favorite way to eat a salad? Comment below!

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