Monday, October 27, 2014

More Fall Fun

            Hey folks! I was going to submit a bitchy post about "The Santa Thing" but, in a continual effort to complain less and the fact that I myself could see that post being a little hypocritical in a way, I decided to share some fun pictures instead!
            Now that we are living on our own again and live MUCH closer to the pumpkin patch/farm we picked our apples from a few weeks ago, we decided to go again to get some pumpkins for John and I to carve...And of course I ended up getting another little one for Myka. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Halloween and pumpkin decorating. Plus, to be fair, we got her first little pumpkin to decorate for Gigi and Papaw as a parting gift. :)

            Have I already mentioned how much I love Stuckey Farm? I could seriously buy half of the food goods and decorations they have for sale in their market! Pictured in the top left is the most delicious apple cider on the face of the planet. Seriously. Er-ma-gherd. Did I mention in my last Fall Fun post they make the cider AT the farm? And you can watch?
            We are popcorn fiends and decided to get a big bag o' poppin' corn this time. We tried a little sample bag last time with three varieties mixed in and found we liked the blue kind the best. (How do we know it was the blue kind, you might ask? John is a nutbag and separated them out so we could taste test each individually. lol) It really is sweeter than normal!
            Then of course pictured on bottom is Myka making her rounds in the pumpkin patch. The last one is of her on the tractor wagon ride back to the market. She likes the much so she wanted to get back on as soon as we got off. lol
            Tonight we will (hopefully) get around to carving our pumpkins. John found some free, printable Adventure Time patterns of Finn and Jake, so we might get adventurous. :D I'm always content to just carve "traditional" faces, though. We're also planning on having some of our yummy popcorn, drinking our tasty cider, and watching scary movies. Have I mentioned fall and Halloween are like our Christmas?
            Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet? Or do you just pick some up from the store?

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