Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Week Festivities

            Happy Halloween! Although they're not the best pictures since most of them were taken with our phones and someone is a little busy body, I thought I would pop on real quick to share some of our Halloween fun with you!

            We finally got around to letting Myka decorate her pumpkin Monday. I let her pick the colors out and go to town. Isn't it lovely? ;)

            We went to the library Tuesday evening for their Halloween festivities. Little stinker would not keep her hat on, of course. I'm just glad she liked wearing the tutu at least. 

            We went to a local park for their "Trick or Treat" trail Wednesday evening. I'm not sure why, but John looks more like a pilgrim with that hat on than a witch. lol He let her try some apple cider for the first time, which she loved.

            I didn't think we were ever going to be able to leave when she discovered there was music playing at that little dance area. Evidently she likes the Ghostbusters theme song. :)

            I'm planning on taking her to the library in the town we just moved from (where I grew up) tonight (I'm actually writing this on Thursday), but we'll see. I think we're both pooped out from all of the running around we've been doing this week!

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