Monday, October 6, 2014

Jump! Children's Book Review

            Hey folks! I have a fun new book I'm excited to share with you all today. Jump! by Julia Dweck is a cute little book geared for kids age 4-8. Jack, the main character, is, as you probably can guess, a Jack in the Box. He prepares to take his next jump when suddenly he goes flying out of his box! In his search to find his box, he makes a new friend who helps his discover the joys of "the outside world" and shows him that doing new things can be fun and not as scary as he first thought!
            I loved both the story and illustrations in this book and felt they went together very well. The text is simple enough for younger children to understand and I love the flow of the rhyming. (I'm a sucker for anything that rhymes. ;) ) Plus I liked that Jack and Barker's adventures incorporated everyday items children will recognize, like trampolines and jumping rope, but also incorporated things they may have never heard of, such as skydiving. The illustrations are colorful, active, and engaging.
            Jump! is a great book to teach children about getting outside of their comfort zone every once and awhile and trying something new. After all, there could be something they really enjoy, such as a certain hobby or sport, out there and they would never know they liked it if they didn't try something new! I think the target age for this book is great as well since this age range will be just starting school. That can be a scary time, but I think this book would be a great reminder why it's important to try new things and talk to new people! This book may just be the reminder the adult reading the story to a group of children at school or home needs to "step out on a limb" too.
            You can find the digital version of Jump! on Amazon. Stay tuned for the soft and hardcover versions coming out in the Spring of 2015!

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may differ from your own.

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