Sunday, October 5, 2014

Free at Last!

            Hey folks! I know most of you love giveaways, but I still want to apologize again for not having many (ok, practically none) regular blog posts lately. Things have been pretty tense and busy for me and things probably still won't calm down for at least another couple of weeks.
            First of all, if you haven't read on my Facebook page already, I have been gearing up for a birthday giveaway event to celebrate Myka's second birthday. I've only done one giveaway event before and that was over a year ago in August. Needless to say, I had forgotten how much work goes into one! Actually, this one has been even more work because I have even more sponsors on top of planning Myka's birthday party as well. Yes, we're having a "real party" for her this year. That's a whole other story for a different time...
            Other than that, things got a little tense around here at the beginning of last week, but things seem to have calmed down since then. None of us have really gotten out of the house much this weekend and we haven't killed each other yet, so I would say we're doing pretty good. ;) Speaking of the whole housing situation, that brings me to the whole point of this post: We are FINALLY moving out this weekend!
            So, we were actually supposed to move into this new apartment about 2 weeks ago. We signed the lease, wrote the check for the first month's rent and security deposit, the whole shebangabang...only to realize later that night that we didn't have enough money in our bank account to cover the check. Yes, it was a stupid mistake on our part. How the hell did we not know we didn't have enough? Long story short, my husband got his new pay schedule confused with his old one and thought we had more.
            Anyways, John texted the property manager that evening to let her know he would call her the next day to explain the whole thing. For future reference, the property manager happens to be a real estate agent and manages the duplex we're moving into for a couple who now lives in Florida. She also told us texting would be the best way to contact her.
            So we wait all day the next day and never hear from her. I text her that day or the next and she replies telling me that yes, she got my husband's messages and that she will get back with us when she's free. That was Tuesday or Wednesday. We still try to text and call her a few times, but haven't heard anything by Saturday, so we pay a visit to the realty office she works for. We didn't actually expect her to be there, which she wasn't, but we wanted someone else to know what was going on. We had written a check for over $1,000, for God's sakes and had signed a contract. Did this lady just expect us to sit around and not do anything?! We did, however, go ahead and do a stop payment on the check before the weekend just to be safe.
            At the realty office, we spoke to both the receptionist and another real estate agent. They both tried calling her on the phone and sent emails to her various email addresses. The next Monday rolls around and we still haven't heard anything from her. I decided then to send an email to the realty company in hopes someone "higher up" will see it and do something about it. I finally got an email from the property manager Tuesday. She didn't sound very happy, but I didn't care. Basically it said that she had received our messages, hadn't tried to cash the check, the property we're renting has nothing to do with the realty company she works for (what I read was "How dare you come to my place of work and tell my co-workers when it doesn't even involve that company.), and that we could still have the place if we wanted it.
            Does it really take that long to send a simple text or email to someone to at least let them know what is going on? That the owners are thinking it over? Etc. etc.? I realize we made a mistake too, but I felt that was extremely unprofessional on her part. Anyways, I emailed her back the next day (Wednesday) saying that as long as she could reply to us in a reasonable amount of time, especially if something were to go wrong, such as a pipe bursting, and/or giving us the number of one of the owners then yes, we would still like the place. I did apologize for being "snippy" too, for what it's worth.
            Obviously it wasn't worth much because we still didn't hear anything back from her AGAIN for several days after that. Actually, John texted her today (Sunday the 5th) to say that we would be moving in Friday and what time he would be there for when/if she decided to stop by for us to sign the new lease/get a new check for the rent and deposit. Surprisingly, she actually texted him back right away. Sooo we can finally celebrate!
            To be honest, I was (and still am) dreading moving into this place just for the fact that this "property manager" doesn't like to contact people back, evidently. The apartment is cute for temporary needs, but cross your fingers that a) nothing happens that we need that woman to call us back right away and b) our house sells SOON so we don't have to live in an apartment long and be spending even more money on it. :/
            We do have a "renter" of sorts in our Arkansas house that's for sale. It's one of John's old co-worker's brother who is a veteran and a little down on his luck. He's paying about half of our mortgage payment and paying for the utilities, of course. It's nice to not be paying for the house to sit empty down there and it feels good that we're helping him out with a place to live while he gets back on his feet.
            Do you think we overreacted with the property manager situation? What would you have done? (Besides checking your bank account first before signing a huge check! :P We're all human.)

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