Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

            Hey cloth diapering parents! I am super excited to bring you a new review of Buttons Cloth Diapers today! Buttons Cloth Diapers is based out of Washington state and offers not only cloth diapers, but cotton flannel wipes, flushable bamboo liners, and wet bags as well. They were very generous to let us try out one of their one size diaper covers in Lavender, a large daytime insert, and a large nighttime doubler. (pictured above)
            As much as I love trying different types and brands of cloth diapers out, as I've mentioned before, I'm always leery I'm not going to like them or they won't fit right etc etc. However, I was really excited to try Buttons out because, well, they're so similar to the Best Bottoms that we already use. I was not let down either and if you love All in Two (Ai2) cloth diaper systems, you will LOVE these!
            I will admit when I first got the cover out, I thought it looked small. However, because of the elastic in the back and tummy areas, it stretches out a lot more than you would think! Which is good for us because Myka is still a chunky little thing.
This is on the largest possible setting. You can see how much room it has, so you should have no problems with chunky babies or older toddlers being able to wear it!
             You should also have no problem using Buttons diapers with "newer" babies. Although their website states their covers fit children approximately 9-35lbs, I think they would probably fit babies nicely that are a little smaller than that as well. Myka weighed only a little over 7lbs when she was born and I think these diapers probably would have fit right off the bat.
Smallest setting
You can see the double leg gussets too, which are great for keeping messes contained. Yay!

            Other than loving the fact that it's a one size diaper so you need less of them than pocket or all in on (Ai1) diapers, I also love that it comes with detachable inserts! This means, unless the cover gets soiled, you can use it more than once before washing! Simply remove the dirty insert, wipe out the cover, and use it again. (I rotate my covers and let them dry before using them again. Just a tip.) 
The daytime and nighttime inserts snap together as well as to the cover. 

            I hate to compare Buttons to Best Bottoms again, but in this instance, it's a good thing. While both brands microfiber inserts are very absorbent, the Buttons ones fit a lot better inside the shell, especially the nighttime one. We stopped using the Best Bottom overnight inserts long ago because they are so long that we couldn't really get the diaper to fit against Myka properly. There's always a gap in the back. The Buttons ones fit perfectly, though, so we don't have to worry about leaking overnight.
This is with both the daytime and nighttime inserts. You can see it's a little "poofy", but you're going to have that with just about any nighttime diaper because of the extra layers. It's still a lot trimmer than some of the things we've tried at night!

            Also, speaking of absorbency and nighttime, we've used it three or four times at night so far and haven't had any leaks so far! Why is this such a big deal? We have had a TERRIBLE time finding a cloth solution that works because Myka wets so much at night. I think I'm in love and just found the solution to our problem!
            I also have to admit that I'm not usually a fan of hip snaps on diapers. I am a hook and loop (aka Velcro) lover. So, I was pleasantly surprised by how good of a fit we've gotten with this diaper.

            The picture above shows the fit with just the daytime insert in. I thought it was pretty nice and trim! It's a lot less bulky than the flat and prefold combo that we normally use, although those work just as well with covers.
            The only thing I didn't like about Buttons cloth diapers is that they're made in China. Yes, I am one of those people. Hopefully one day they will be able to have them manufactured in the U.S. Other than that, I love everything about them (that's saying a lot) and highly recommend them if you are looking for a quality, economical cloth diaper. If you do decide to order some for yourself, I would greatly appreciate it if you clicked HERE (affiliate link...kind of) to sign up for an account. You can stay up to date on everything Buttons Cloth Diapers related by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Disclaimer: Getting Green with Baby received this product in order to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions expressed herein are my own and may differ from your own.


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