Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chicken Update 3/27/14

            Hey folks! It's been awhile since I've done an update on any of our chicken shenanigans because, well, we've not really had anything to report until recently! We FINALLY found and got our chicks earlier this month. We ended up having to drive several hours away to get them because 1) The places around here who do order the ones we wanted require a minimum of like 10 or 15, which I think I mentioned in a previous chicken related post. Again, we're not chicken farmers. We just want a few! 2) The other closest place (which is still about a 30-45 minute drive) who ordered them in sold out in LESS THAN AN HOUR. How crazy is that?!
            So anyways, here's some pictures of our chickies because who doesn't enjoy tiny little fluffy critters? :)
Left: March 6-The day we got them.
Top right: March 12
Bottom right: March 15-Which, at the time I'm writing this, was yesterday.
            We found out after we brought them home that they mature faster than most other breeds of chickens. I knew chicks grew fast, but it's crazy seeing how much they change and grow each day! It's funny how different they look now that they're getting their feathers in too. 
            I have to admit I'm proud of myself for not giving them names...yet, anyways. There's only one that doesn't have a "nickname", though. There is "Runty", "Fluffy Butt", and "Little Miss Escape Artist". Yes, we have one that is already able/has already figured out how to get out of the tub. :/ 
            Another scary thing we've learned since researching chickens is that you can't really tell for sure whether they will be male or female until they get older. Why is that scary? We REALLY don't want a rooster, especially since we live in town. They're not necessary to egg laying, so why bother? Anyways, while all of the chicks where we got ours were supposed to be females, my husband still did his best to pick out ones that "looked the most female". 
            Now, before you go thinking that I've completely lost it, my husband found some useful info online that shows a better indication of whether a chick is male or female. (For our breed, anyways, which are Barred Rocks in case you're curious.) In general, if they have darker colored feet and smaller, more symmetrical white spots on their heads, they are probably female. We'll see. ;) 
            How about you guys: Are any of you venturing into the world of chickens for the first time as well? I'd love to hear how your chicks are doing!


  1. I had a decent-sized brood of chickens when I was growing up - about 40 at its largest. Hatching chicks was always so much fun! We lived in the country, so we did have a few roosters, but I'm guessing if you have neighbors close by they might not appreciate it so much. :)

    We're getting ready to close on our new house (tomorrow!) and one of the things we're really looking forward to is getting to have chickens.

    1. ha ha! Yah, I know we wouldn't appreciate them, so I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't either! Congratulations on the new house! I would love to have more "farm animals" if/when we ever move to the country. I'd especially love some goats for the milk to make soap with!

  2. Good luck figuring out if they are make or female. I have never raised chickens, so I couldn't help you figure this out.

  3. I laughed out loud when your husband picked out the ones that "looked the most female". Good luck with your chicks!