Friday, March 21, 2014

Paint Chip Easter Egg Mobile-Spring Craft & Acitivity Week

            Hey folks! I just love colorful stuff, don't you? If so, you will love today's project!
            I apologize for not having tons of pictures (although some of you may be thankful for that ;) ), but I cheated on today's project. I already had the main part of the mobile made from a winter project. I also didn't want to insult your intelligence too much and show a picture of me punching a hole in a paint chip. lol But, here are some simple instructions on how to make this...

What You'll Need: 
-wire clothes hangers
-tape, yarn, pliers, a blowtorch...whatever you want to use to secure the hangers together
-yarn or string
-paint chips in whatever colors you want
-a hole punch, if you have one

1) Secure your hangers together crossways. I had the Hulk (aka my husband) try to twist the tops together with pliers and he broke the hook parts off. -_- Getting them to stay together is a lot more of a pain in the rear than you might think, so that's why I suggested above to use WHATEVER you want or can to secure them.
2) Cut varying pieces of yarn and tie them to the coat hangers. Try to spread them out far enough that your eggs can still move and spin around.
3) Cut your paint chips into egg shapes to where you have a different shade on the top and bottom.
4) Punch a hole in the top of them.
5) Tie your eggs to the pieces of yarn.

Ours is a little janky looking, but I still think mobiles are fun...once you get past securing the hangers together, anyways. ;)


  1. Oh cute! Did you glue paint chips back to back so you couldn't see the words?

  2. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing. You always have such great ideas.

  3. LOL, "janky". My brother-in-law uses that term all the time, where did it come from?

    1. ha ha! I have no idea. I think I got it from my in-laws too.

  4. A great idea for welcoming easter. Thank you for sharing.