Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Foam Easter Egg Decorating & Learning-Spring Craft & Activity Week

            Hey folks! Welcome back to Spring Craft & Activity Week! I'm super excited to share today's project because it can also be used as a learning tool! (Whoa. That's a lot of exclamation points. *calming down now*) I'm sure I'm not the first person to come up with this idea, but I've never seen anyone do something quite like this with Easter egg shapes. It just popped in my head one morning, so I'm sure I got the ideas for it from several places. (Just throwing that out there so no one is like, "Hey! You stole that idea from me!" or something along those lines.)

What You'll Need:
-colored foam sheets
-glue or glue gun (as usual, I prefer and suggest the glue gun)
-hook & loop tape (aka Velcro)
-egg pattern (optional)
-marker (optional)
1) If you happen to be anal and lazy at the same time like me, take your egg pattern (whatever size you like), place it on top of your foam, and use a marker to dry on the circle. This way you don't have to cut out the egg patterns and you get the faintest outline on the foam like in the picture below.

2) Repeat with as many colors as you like and cut your egg shapes out.

3) This is where you can get creative as far as what you want your children to be able to do with the eggs. I chose to cut out different shapes, each shape being the same color as shown in the picture below. However, you could just make different designs (like zigzags, for example) so your child can just decorate the egg, or you could do it to where each egg gets a certain number, like one pink circle goes on the pink egg, two green squares go on the green egg, etc. The possibilities are endless!

4) Cut out your hook and loop tape pieces to go on the eggs and the backs of the shapes (or whatever you choose).

5) Arrange your Velcro pieces however you like on the eggs and glue them in place. (above picture) NOTE: Don't worry too much if you have a cheap glue gun like mine and it leaves stringy pieces. You can much more easily pick them off when they're dry!

6) Glue your remaining Velcro pieces to the shape pieces. If yours are on the tiny side and/or you have pieces that aren't very wide, I highly recommend using a pencil or something similar to press the hook and loop tape pieces down on the glue. Trust me. It doesn't feel very good getting burnt by a hot glue gun.

7) Wait for the glue to dry a bit just to be safe and enjoy a much cleaner version of decorating eggs with your child OR helping them to learn colors, numbers, shapes, or a combination thereof!

She enjoys pulling them off, mostly. lol She does occasionally try to stick one back on. :) Oh well. As long as she doesn't tear the Velcro off they should last for next year and hopefully the year after that too!
Also, yes, I realized my windows were extremely filthy when I took these pictures. Once upon a time I liked having clean windows. (Well, technically I still do.) Then the cats and Myka came along. People  say to pick and choose your battles. This was one I decided against fighting.


  1. What a great craft to do with the kids and the best part is it looks so easy... I know what I'll be doing during Spring Break.

  2. Very neat! Would be a good craft to do with my grandkids.
    By the way, my granddaughter shares your name, only spelled Alecia Owens. :)

  3. Oh how fun! I never would have thought of this, but this is fabulous! My kids would love to do this!

  4. What a great idea. Now I just need a toddler again!

  5. My Girls Are Going To Love Doing This!

  6. Cute idaes! I need to start thinking about what we're going to do for Easter.

  7. Super Cute! What a fun craft for kids of all ages. Thanks for sharing!!