Thursday, March 20, 2014

Easter Egg Photo Project

          I originally wrote this post a year ago (has it really been a year already?!), but it is Easter related so I wanted to make sure and include it in this week's Spring Craft & Activity Week line-up, especially if you missed it the first time! I absolutely loved how my eggs turned out and there are so many possibilities as to what to do with the pictures! As usual, I'd love to hear your feedback on them! :)

1)     Make sure you have enough eggs to a) spell out whatever name or word you would like (I used my daughter’s name) or b) dye as many different colors as you desire.
2)     Boil your eggs and color them however you would normally. We used good ole vinegar and food coloring for our dye and just made each egg a single, solid color. I like employing the K.I.S.S. method for most things in life. (Keep It Simple Stupid.) ;) I wouldn’t suggest putting any glitter or anything like that on them if you decide to use stickers.
3)     After your eggs are nice and dry, you can either paint the letters on your eggs or use stickers. The stickers I used were kind of thick. I would recommend the ones that are flat and somewhat flimsy so they will adhere and bend better to fit the shape of the egg. I also highly recommend not doing this on a rainy/humid day like I did. It certainly didn’t help the sticker situation, although the dew/rain drops can add a nice effect.
4)     Set your finished eggs in front of different, interesting textures (i.e. shutters, wood planks, gravel, etc. I think this would be neat for a boy’s name.) or different plants/outdoorsy things like flowers, bushes, trees. Whatever you like! You don’t have to of course, but I think it looks more interesting if each egg/letter is in front of a different material.
5)     Picture time! Try to get a close up picture without too much glare of each egg. (Gotta love digital cameras so you can see what they look like and delete the ones that don’t turn out how you like!)
6)     Print out your pictures and do whatever you like with them. I’ll be honest, I STILL haven’t done anything with mine yet. I was going to use them to spell out my daughter’s name and frame them and hang them on the wall in her bedroom, but I ended up painting wooden letters for that. I do have several ideas of what you could do with them. A) Get larger than normal prints and either frame each letter individually to spell out your word or name or put all of the letters in the same frame and use for a decoration. B) Print up the pictures and use them in a baby or scrapbook. How cute, fun, and unique would that be? C) Print them on sticker/adhesive paper and let your child use them to play with. D) Use them on Easter pictures. Add them to the pictures themselves using a photo editing program or print out sticker ones and add them to your photos. E) Personalize your child’s Easter basket with them.

Here are some of the ones I made last year. I just love them!


  1. Such a cute idea for egg decoration!

  2. Adorable! Love these for the kids

  3. Pinning this so I can do it for the kids this Easter, Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Carie! I use Pinterest to save a bunch of future projects too. ;)

  4. Those are awesome! I'd need a ton of eggs to do those for my kids though.