Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pregnancy Journal #7: Still (Barely) Going Strong for Team Green!

            Hey folks! This pregnancy is going by insanely fast! Has anyone else noticed that it seems like the more subsequent pregnancies you have, the faster they go? Crazy...
            We had our anatomy scan last month. (A week after Myka's birthday, actually!) Everything is looking good so far and is on track. It's probably a good thing, but it figures he/she was actually NOT squirmy. Further proof that my kids' sole purpose in life is to make a liar out of me. ;) But yah, I was surprised since he/she had been so squirmy the day before. Little Ninja was just kind of hanging upside down with his/her feet near their face at first. Lol
            We stuck to our guns (and didn't cave, surprisingly) and didn't find out the gender. We had the technician write it down and put it in an envelope. I sent it to my mom so she and my best friend are the only ones who know the gender! To be honest, it is driving me more crazy now than it was when I was in possession of the envelope!
            I told John I think a big reason it is driving me nuts is that we always had names picked out for our first two by this point already. We had a boy name we both liked, but...We were talking about it a few days after the ultrasound and neither of us are completely sold on it any more. We didn't have a girl name picked out to begin with. So yah. As silly as it is because we have several more months, it's stressing me out a bit trying to come up with names!
            I have several girl names I kind of like, but they all seem too girly in comparison to our other girls' names. As far as boys names, I have always liked Scottishy/Irishy names...But I find that all of the names I like rhyme with our last name because it is Scottish, I believe. It's not fair! Lol I could care less whether we have “gender specific” clothing, but not having a solid idea for a name is driving me crazy!
            Other than that, I'm not feeling nearly as crappy as I was. I don't get the overwhelming tiredness in the afternoon like I was. I do still get nauseous sometimes, which is crazy to me because I've never been so nauseous with the first two. However, my biggest complaint is something I feel like I should not be having to worry about so early: My ribs hurt! Not like constantly, but if I stand up for awhile, my ribs start killing me, from the back to front. I know. It's opposite of what you would think, right? That they would hurt more while I'm sitting since everything is getting compressed. I don't know. I'm backwards like that.

Did you find out the gender of your babies before or after they were born? Do you regret your decision at all?

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  1. We found out with both our girls... the first was not by choice though! #FabFridayPost

  2. I think it’s good to have a surprise, we found out first time but not the second. #fabfridaypost

  3. We wanted to find out with our first one, but I'm thinking maybe for the next one we might want to be surprised too! I really wanted to be prepared for everything. oh the irony in that. Lovely post x

  4. I wanted to know our kids gender as soon as it is know. I like to plan things ahead - even though like getting clothes, etc. - but that never work out as I procrastinate too much! lol! So perhaps, if I had another one - not that I would - I think I would out their gender in the envelop too. :) Don't stress out too much! xx Thanks so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost