Monday, October 23, 2017

Fallowee Round Up #3: Festive Wreaths

            Hey folks! This should be the last of the Falloween Round Ups. I hope you all have enjoyed them and got some fun ideas for projects this fall. If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out the Falloween Craft Round Up and Falloween Round Up #2: Activities for Kids posts.
            Today we are focusing on wreaths! There are so many different ways and varieties of wreaths, I felt it deserved its own post as well. Happy crafting!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Easy DIY Toddler Spider Costume

            Hey folks! As promised, here is round 2 of the easy Halloween costume posts. While we made this for our toddler, you could, of course, make it for older kids as well. Oh! And if you missed the first post, you can click on over to see how to make an easy and affordable tiger costume.

What You'll Need:

-Long blacked sleeved shirt
-Black Pants
-Black tube or crew socks (We used mens, but in hindsight, you might want to go with smaller ones for smaller children.)
-Black felt
-Filling for socks (Can be just about anything. We just happened to have some polyfil. You might also try newspaper or straw.)
-Hot glue gun
-Safety pins
-String (optional)
-Large needle (optional)

*First, get 6 of your tube socks and fill them to your desire.

*Next, cut two strips of black felt. You want them wide enough to glue your socks to and long enough to run the length of the shirt from roughly the armpits to the bottom. (I thought this was where John was going to pin it, but they ended up on the back. You will see what I mean later.)

*Glue your socks closed.

*Glue 3 socks on each piece of felt.

*We also put some extra glue on the backs of the socks just for extra durability.

*This part is optional, but you can attach each leg with a string or yarn and leave a loop at the end that your child can hold or secure near the bottom of their sleeve somewhere. This just makes all of their “spider legs” move whenever your child moves his or her real arms. :)

*Finally, secure your legs where you need/like with safety pins and you're done!

What We Paid: $13
-Socks: $5
-Shirt: $4
-Pants: $4
-Everything else we already had (Felt, safety pins, etc.)

Possible Cost: $22 (With Polyfil and safety pins added.)

            Do you believe me now that you don't have to be Susie Homemaker to make your own Halloween costumes? ;) What will your children be dressing up as for Halloween?

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Easy DIY Kids Tiger Costume

            Hey folks! Still looking for costume ideas for your kids? Or maybe you want to go the DIY route, but feel like you're not crafty enough or have enough time? If so, I have not one, but TWO posts you will want to check out today!
            If you've been hanging around for awhile, yes, you have probably noticed that we like to do a lot of crafty things around here. However, and please believe me, you do NOT have to be the ultra-crafty, Pinterest mom-type to be able to make your own kids costumes!
            Don't believe me? Check out this tutorial on how to easily (and cheaply!) make and put together a tiger costume! (This is with kids in mind, but you could totally make an adult version, if you're so inclined.)

What You'll Need:

-Black and white felt (Probably 1/4-1/2 yard of black; you'll want something bigger than those sheets you can buy in craft sections. White you'll want just enough for your chest piece.)
-Hot glue gun
-Fabric scissors (Otherwise you'll dull your normal ones in no time. Plus fabric ones just cut better for obvious reasons. ;) )
-Long-sleeve orange shirt (or t-shirt if you are in a warmer climate)
-Black or orange pants (we went with black because we already had some)
-Store bought tiger ears and tail costume kit

*Cut out a big white oval to go on the chest/belly.

*Cut out varying lengths of black stripes for the chest and belly. I looked up a picture of a real tiger for some inspiration. I found the less I thought about it as I was cutting, the better they turned out, if that makes sense.

*Cut varying lengths of black stripes to go on each arm. I “eyeballed” this and made ours to wrap around the long sleeves.

*Glue your white oval near the bottom of your shirt. (Tip: Make sure you work quickly, but smoothly with glue guns!)

*Arrange your stripes how you like, then go back and glue them to the sleeves.

*Arrange your stripes how you like them on the belly/chest of the shirt and glue them.

            See? Stupid easy! And, of course, it doesn't matter what order you cut your stripes out in or what order you glue them on in either. Now, let's do a little price break down, just for fun.

What We Paid: $10

-Shirt: $5
-Tiger tail & ears costume kit: $5
-Everything else we already had.

Possible Cost: $13

-This is with felt added in, which will probably be about $3 for ½ yard. If you also happen to need a glue gun, a cheap one will set you back around $2-5 and the sticks $3.

What do you think of this costume? I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Falloween Round Up #2: Activities for Kids

            Hey folks! I had such an outpouring of ideas when I asked about fall crafts on my mom bloggers group, that I decided it would be best to break them up. If you missed it last week, you can find the Falloween Craft Round Up post here.
            This week we are going to focus on fall/Halloween-related kids activities. I felt like a lot of the posts suggested were more like activities than crafts, hence the different post...Although some of them involve crafts...Does that make any sense? Probably not. Just scroll down to see what I mean! :)

Fall-themed Toddler Activities

 Halloween-themed Toddler Activities

       Jack-o-Lantern Cut & Paste

Room on the Broom Craftivity

Halloween I Spy Books & Activity

Magnetic Counting Activity

Leaf Story Time & Craft

Fall Sensory & Snack Storytime

Apple-theme Books & Activities

            Fall Family Activities

Fall Fine Motor Activities

   5 Little Pumpkins Inspired Craft

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Falloween Craft Round Up

            Hey folks! I don't know about you, but I just LOVE this time of year! Cooler weather, beautiful leaves, Halloween...It creates the perfect ambience for crafting, don't you think?
            This list is just the tip of the iceburg as far as crafts we have done personally in the past. Check out my Fall Festivities Pinterest Party Board for more ideas. I hope you enjoy some of the ideas I've gathered from fellow bloggers as well! Happy crafting!

      Glow in the Dark Leaf Craft

       Felt Pumpkin Faces

        Leaf Wreath

        Cotton Ball Ghost

        Flying Bats Craft-I actually made some of these with tp rolls and googly eyes and turned them into mini treat holders for a playdate a few years ago, but I can't seem to find any pictures of them anywhere!

        Halloween Finger Puppets

             Halloween Banner


             Festive Jars & Bottles

More ideas that blogging friends have tried:

Various Leaf-centric Art Projects

          Halloween Spider Craft

More Easy Leaf Crafts to do w/the Kids

 Potato Stamp Halloween Craft

              Fall Handprint Tree

         Itsy Bitsy Glittery Spider

            Mummy Mason Jars

           Easy Fall Garland DIY

                     Fall Cards

       Fabric Trick or Treat Bowl

       DIY Halloween Graveyard

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