Monday, November 20, 2017

Homesteading Update: I'm Dreaming of a...Christmas Tree Farm?

            Hey folks! You know how in my last homesteading post I mentioned wanting to focus on berries and fruits? Well, I've kind of come up with some more money making ideas that will help us out in different seasons. You know. Because I like biting off more than I can chew...Or have money for. :)
            First of all, I have GOT to have a pumpkin patch next year. It doesn't have to be huge, but I want to have our own pumpkins again for fall next year, at the very least. We neglected the pumpkin seeds we planted this year, so no pumpkins AT ALL this fall. :( It's made me very sad. We had volunteers last year and ended up with about 20 pumpkins. It was awesome.

I think this looks like a perfect spot for a pumpkin patch, don't you?

            Aside from that, it seems like we're always short on cash in the fall. Every. Freaking. Year. It always seems to (inconveniently) happen right before Myka's birthday. So, a little extra cash for that time of year would be nice. Plus, it would just be fun having people visiting and meeting new people, to be totally honest.
            For my second plan, I got the idea for it driving past the place we bought our Christmas tree from last year. You guessed it: Having a Christmas tree farm! Nothing too huge, especially since we don't know how well it will go over. There aren't any other people selling live Christmas trees around here from their farms, that we know of, but they do sell them in town across from the grocery store. (Can't remember which group does it.)
            Obviously, I am aware it will take several years to get this project going, but I think it sounds like fun. It will be nice to have some more evergreen trees around here too! Plus, we won't have to buy one any more. Ha ha The extra money around Christmas will be nice too, of course.

Doesn't look like much, but it's a start!

            Myka actually had a good idea for something recently too. We started clearing an area out to turn into mulch for the garden. (Seriously. I promise we're not the “clear cut all the forest type of people, but we have a LOT of woods!) I've also been talking about how I would like a nice, big open field somewhere someday. (Though it probably wouldn't stay clear. I'd probably end up planting an orchard. Haha) Myka remembered, surprisingly, all these things that I had kind of mentioned offhand and suggested we make a field in the area we were clearing. Duh! It's right next to the other area we plan on planting a bunch of fruit trees. (Sooner rather than later, I hope.) So that is going to be our new project this “off season” too.

What do you think of my crazy ideas? Would you do any of them if you had the room?

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  1. wow you have some great projects planned it is so exciting, I think it sounds lovely! #FabFridayPost