Sunday, November 12, 2017

Gifts for the Naturally-Minded Person in Your Life (Healtop Review)

             Hey folks! We always have at least one person (or family or couple) on our Christmas list that we either have no idea what to get for them, they already have everything, or both, right? Or, maybe you're not quite sure what to get the naturally-minded family on your list? In either case, I have the perfect company and gifts to share with you today to help you out!
             Healtop specializes in natural products to keep the whole family healthy and feeling good. Their items range from lip balm to skin care, vitamins and supplements to essential oils. Even better, they offer plenty of bundles, so you're sure to find one for your hard-to-buy-for gift recipient. They even have one tailored for teenagers!
             Have a little one on your list? Here's a run-down of the toddler bundle we recently had the opportunity to check out!

Soft Lips
With the dominant orange scent, this lip balm smells (and tastes) heavenly. My 5 year old loves putting on chapstick and I feel a lot better about her using this since it doesn't have a bunch of weird ingredients like store-bought stuff. I even tried some one night and my lips were much chapped/dry the next morning! Now I need to use some on my poor 21 month old. Her lips are getting scaly-looking too.

Silky Feet
Who doesn't love a little foot pampering? Both of my kids got a kick out of rubbing this on their feet. Aside from making them feel nice and soft, I imagine the eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils will also help with fighting germs off during cold season. It's a win/win! Plus, it smells really good.

Winter Relief
We haven't actually used this one yet as it is a cold supplement. I love having natural cold remedies and supplements on hand for the kids, though. Myka is old enough she can take regular medicine now, but there still isn't a whole lot of store-bought things I can use with Ripley because of her age. Plus, even with Myka I try to use more natural methods first before resorting to the nasty cold and cough syrups full of who knows what.
Myka just got over a cold or something, but I'm sure it won't be the last for this season for her or her younger sister. I'm glad I'll have this ready to get them feeling better sooner when the nasties do strike again! Winter relief contains sambucus, mullein, and all kinds of good stuff, so I expect it to work well!

Vitamin C
Everyone can use some extra vitamin C this time of year! As I mentioned, Myka just cold over some kind of mild illness, so I'm glad I was able to use this to get her feeling better even faster. Plus, as we all know, it helps to keep germs at bay to begin with as well! (And let's be honest: Having a sick kid sucks! Especially if they get man colds like my older one. :/) Bonus: If you have kids that are weird about trying something new, you can easily slip this into their drinks and it doesn't affect the taste enough for them to notice! (I asked Myka and she said it didn't taste like anything.)

To be honest, I haven't look much into this or tried it out. It is for intestinal worms, which, frankly, I don't see as being an issue for us. I guess in some countries, like India, this is a big enough concern that it requires remedies such as this.

             To learn more about Healtop and find more information on the products mentioned above, be sure to visit their website and check out their About Us page. You can also stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.
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