Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Top Holiday Gift Guide Picks for 5 Year Olds!

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            Hey folks! Is anyone else already thinking about what to get the kids for the holidays? I'm sure I'm not the only one!
            By now you have probably figured out that I love toys and activities that combine fun and learning. With so many great products on Educents, I decided to put together my own gift guide of top choices from their preschool gift guides. All of the below products are great for 5 year olds, whether you have a boy or girl! (Even better, right? Hooray, gender neutrality!) A lot of these products we even have ourselves, so you know we're legit. ;)

Puzzles and Games

We don't have our own, but this has been a popular choice at libraries for both my 5 year old and 21 month old!

Who didn't love this game as a kid?! I know Myka would love this!

I just love that there are more board games I can play with my young kids now! We have several games from Peaceable Kingdom and this was our first. It is great for practicing numbers and counting, taking turns, working together, and more. Plus, it's not mind-numbingly boring for parents and quick to play! You can read my full review on Count Your Chickens! here

We've had blocks similar to these for several years and they are still holding strong, even after abuse from two kids! My only regret is that we don't have more. ;)

Arts and Crafts

These markers are fun and come in handy for so many different projects and activities.

I am not familiar with these, to be honest, but I have heard of them and someone recently suggested them to me for Myka since we are just starting out on learning how to read.

Dinosaurs seriously never get old in our house. Both of my kids would love these!

Not so much lately, but Myka was obsessed with tracing her hand for awhile. I'm sure she would still enjoy these crafts. :)

Active Toys

These things look...interesting. Myka always has way too much energy, so they're worth a shot, right?

“Lincoln Logs” are timeless. Enough said. (And yes, we have some, both at home and at my parents' house! Can you tell my 5 year old really likes building?)

This. Looks. Amazing! Myka has enjoyed doing yoga with me since I started doing it (off and on) while I was pregnant with Ripley. I just recently started prenatal yoga again and she has been really into it, though she does ask for a kid video sometimes. I'm sure she would love something just for her!

            I hope you found some things the preschooler in your life will enjoy not only this holiday season, but for years to come! Not shopping for a 5 year old? No problem! Educents has many holiday gift guides put together, ranging from ages 3 to 12!

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  1. Some great choices, I know my daughter would enjoy these ideas #FabFridayPost

  2. I have ideas about gifts - I never seem to have enough money to get everything I want to though lol. Sarah #FabFridayPost

    1. lol I hear ya! That is my main problem this year.