Monday, November 6, 2017

Pregnancy Journal #6: Baby Logistics (And Why I'm Not Worried About Them)

            Hey folks! It's been a minute since my last pregnancy update. I don't really have anything exciting to report, but I thought I would talk (read: rant) about some of the logistics that go along with having a baby: a bigger car and house.
            Can we PLEASE all agree that most of us go a little apeshit over certain things when we find out we're adding a baby to the family? I mean, let's be realistic for a moment. As long as baby has a place to sleep, you're good. I promise, the world will NOT end if they do not have their own room right away! In fact, it is very unlikely that they will even be in their own room for at least a few months. Car situation worrying you? Unless you have a “micro-mobile” with no backseat, you can fit a car seat in a car just fine. After all, they are called CAR seats. You don't need to rush out right away and buy a mini-van or SUV. No, really. I'm not lying.
            Admittedly, once you start adding even more kids after the first one, yes, those logistical concerns actually hold some weight. Do you really have enough room in your car for 2+ kids AND all of their junk? Is two or three bedrooms going to cut it with two or more children? Perhaps not.
            In our case, though, I feel as if my husband and I aren't nearly as concerned with the size of our house and having soon to be three children as everyone else is. Maybe we should be. Who knows. But here's the deal: Our house is weird. It has 3 bathrooms...but only 2 bedrooms. Yep. You read that right. We already have two kids and only two bedrooms. Since we haven't gotten around to it (*ahem* preggo here isn't moving heavy furniture around by herself!), Ripley is still sleeping in our bedroom, even though I'd really like to get Myka moved into ours with her and our bedroom switched into Myka's.
            Oh. And on top of that, altogether our house is only about 1,400 square feet. Small by most people's standards nowadays. (Well, at least people with children still in the house, from my experience.) With that being said, want to know the main reason we're not too concerned about the space issue? I look at it this way:

People have been living with numerous children in even smaller spaces for thousands of years.

            I'll let that sink in for a moment...Ready to continue? It's kind of humbling, if you think about it. I get that it's just how our modern society thinks, but do we really need a 4 bedroom, 2,400 square foot house with a finished basement? For a family of four? You can argue all you want, but the short answer is “no”.
            As for our house...One of the first things my father in-law (and just a few other family members) brought up after we told them the news of expecting our third was, “You'll have to find a new house.” Ugh. So annoying. Not that I didn't expect it from some, but still annoying. My (rather brash) response was, “We are not ****ing moving!” (They're used to my cursing, so they knew it wasn't like I was cursing them out personally.) We just moved into this house 2 years ago. Not. Freaking. Happening. We like it here. We live on 24+acres, for God's sake, and got a helluva good deal on it. We're happy.
            Other than my harsh response, the only other question that pops in my head when people say that is, “Why?” We may not have much on the square footage front, but we have some things to work with. We could switch things back to the way they used to be before someone added our giant master bedroom on. (Not giant by today's standards, but giant by mine. I hate wasted space.) We could turn the sunroom into a bedroom. (Though I really don't like that option any more. I'm enjoying having it as a school room.) We could cut the living room in half like it used to be anyways. We could divide our large bedroom. Or, just completely add a new area on. The options are endless, really.
            So, the next time you find yourself pregnant or just feel like you're running out of room for whatever reason, just stop and take a deep breath and remember what I said above: More kids: Less space back in the olden days, in a nutshell. As for the whole car situation, well, that is a whole other story and probably something I should (and am becoming) more concerned about. Here are our cars... O.o

What do you think? Do we, as a modern society, need to stop and take a moment to remember just how good we have it when we start complaining about “first world problems”?

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  1. When I had my 3rd baby all this went through my head too. And you're right - you manage just fine. Sarah #FabFridayPost

    1. Thank you! It's really frustrating when everyone else is more concerned about things than you are. Like, mind your own business! If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all! lol