Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thirsties Natural One Size All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

            Hey folks! If you're not on YouTube or don't follow us there, you may have missed out that we won Love Notes, the special Valentine's print, by Thirsties in their natural, all-in-one, one size diaper via Diaper Junction's “Feed Your Stash Friday” giveaway last month! It seems to be such a popular cloth diaper right now with a lot of interest, so I decided to do some video reviews, which you can view at the end, if you like. If you're more into reading and looking at pictures instead, read on! (Plus, I'm including a couple of things I forgot to mention in my second video. Oops!)

A little about the Thirsties Natural AiO OS diaper...

*Waterproof, TPU laminate outer
*Hemp & organic cotton inner
*11 layers of absorbency
*Two sewn in soakers
*Available in hook and loop (Velcro) or snap closure
*Fits most babies/toddlers from 8-40+ pounds
*Three different rise settings

Our experience and what we liked/disliked...

On the smallest rise

*The only time we've had issues with leaking was the first time after I initially washed it...But that could be due to two possible different factors. Chances are, it's because I didn't prep it exactly as the instructions called for. Or, I just needed a bit more absorbency for my 13 month old.

*Every time after that, I added a Hemp Babies doubler thing and had no issues. I generally change her every 3 hours.

*Even with the extra insert, these diapers are very trim underneath clothing...Which is a nice change for us!

She is as rotten as she looks!

*The fit also seems very good in general. I did get it a little tight the first couple of times around her chunky little thighs and the elastic dug in. But, as with all new diapers, trial and error, right?

*I went with the hook and loop closure because I feel like it gives the best fit. However, Ripley is getting to the age where she realizes she can get it undone if I let her run around with no pants on. Just something to keep in mind. With that being said, though, the aplix is super sticky! I always forget how wonderful it is on new diapers, but it's even stronger that that of the Best Bottom covers we usually use! It was super strong on our Thirsties newborn covers too!

*To be totally honest, we haven't experienced a poo yet, so I can't attest to the effectiveness of the diaper in that aspect. However, I do have this to say...

*I am a bit disappointed there are no double gussets on the legs. I haven't gotten spoiled, I guess, and they really do come in handy for poo-splosions. So, this may or may not cause issues with runny, little baby poo. Solid, older baby poo should be just fine, though, in my not-so-professional opinion.

*I love that this diaper uses natural fibers for a couple of reasons. 1) With both girls, I couldn't use microfiber or synthetic materials. Insta-rash. 2) The Thirsties Natural diaper dries faster than all-in-one diapers made with synthetic material because cotton and hemp both dry a lot faster! So, no need to run your dryer extra long to get this puppy dry all the way!

*The price is comparable to other all-in-one diapers at $24.75 each.

            Have you tried the Thirsties Natural One Size All-in-One diaper yet? Don't forget to visit Diaper Junction's Facebook page every week to see what they're giving away for their “Feed Your Stash Friday” giveaway!
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  1. As you know I used to use these on both of my kiddos. I love love love cloth nappies! I really like you video. How you talk through the pro and cons about it. Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

  2. I really loved the idea of using cloth diapers but I just couldnt get a good relationship with the ones I had bought with my first and they were little lamb.. I should have tried a couple of different brands but I went for convenience and bought disposables.. I wish I stuck at cloth nappies but they are really expensive to start with and we just didn't have the money at the time to be trying loads of different brands :( #fabfridaypost

    1. I am sorry to hear that. :( I totally understand what you mean, though. They are a big investment to start off with. We were fortunate and did a lot of research and ended up liking the first type of diaper we chose. If you happen to have any more babies, there are cloth diaper charities now that lend diapers out if you qualify!