Monday, March 20, 2017

Meet Our Newest Farm Friend, Gabby!

           Hey folks! I know I promised exciting news last week, but what can I say? I wrote the soup post and completely forgot. Do you forgive me?
            We brought the newest member of Wild Onion Acres farm home a few weeks ago on March 4th. Her name is Gabby and, if you're new around here, she is an American Guinea Hog (AGH). She will also be the future Mrs to our other AGH, Mr.Bruce, once she reaches maturity. ;)

            When we first brought her home, we put her in the small pen for a few days as we learned our lesson with Mr.Bruce when he first came home. She had eaten most of the greenery after not quite 2 days, so I decided to let her out. It didn't seem like there was much of a threat of her trying to get out of the fenced in area since she had company. However, we weren't she if she was “fence trained” or not and we have an electric fence. Mr.Bruce has (accidentally or otherwise, who knows) pushed her into the fence a few times and she hasn't ran screaming into the wild green yonder, so we're good!

            They are getting along pretty well so far. Pigs, or at least AGHs, are kind of like dogs. There was a lot of butt sniffing at first on Mr.Bruce's part. I have to admit I was a bit worried about him trying to * ahem *, get a little frisky with her right off the bat, but I haven't caught him doing so yet, which is good since she's still too young for that. That's probably why he hasn't tried anything, but you never know. I'm new to this and I worry too much, ok?!
            Like I said, everyone seems happy so far. Mr.Bruce probably thought he had died and gone to heaven because we moved him to a new area before we brought Gabby home. Ha ha Fresh green stuff and a new friend?! He doesn't seem to care about me as much any more, which is fine. ;) Maybe now I will be able to clean their house without him getting his big butt in the way! Speaking of which...
            It was so cute the afternoon I let her out. It started raining harder later on and I was curious as to which house Gabby would go in, her barrel house or Mr.Bruce's glorified dog house. When I went to feed them dinner they both came out of his house. Aw! As for dinner...

            That is pretty much the only time Mr.Bruce doesn't get along with his new roommate very well. He is not used to sharing his food and kept chasing poor Gabby off. So, being the spoiled little pigs that they are, I just feed them in separate bowls. Ridiculous, right?

            What do you guys think of our newest farm friend? Do you have hogs?

Thinking Outside The Pot


  1. I don't have any hogs but yours are so adorable. I have friends that have hogs and just love them.
    Can't wait to see the babies. lol

    1. I can't wait for little baby oinkers either! ha ha They're kind of like having less needy dogs. ;)

  2. We've raised pigs two years in a row now for pork. Some of them are known as "blue butts". We also started raising chickens. It's a good life for kids. Thanks for sharing at Family Joy Blog linkup!

    1. It is! I think keeping animals can teach kids a lot of different things...Plus they're just fun. ;) We have a chicken addiction that probably requires an intervention. ha ha

  3. We raised pigs before we moved. We had 24 total, I think. Our sows were Spotted Poland Chinas and their babies were Poland China/Hereford crosses. We also had a few feeder pigs (works) and 2 "minis"- a Juliana named Penelope & a mini AGH named Roscoe. Miss those piggies dearly! Thanks for sharing your new addition with us & with the Homestead Blog Hop!