Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Fun Has Begun!

            Hey folks! I don't know about you, and I'm sure this sounds super cliché, but I just feel renewed, for lack of a better term, once spring rolls around, don't you? I was at a loss of what to do for school stuff for a couple of weeks and it got chilly again for awhile, so we just kind of worked on a Doc McStuffins pack whenever Myka felt like doing school stuff. Now that it's officially spring and the weather has been getting warmer, I'm overflowing with ideas! Plus, we've been able to get outside and do some fun stuff too. Here's a look at some of those things below!

            Around our house, we focus more on celebrating the seasons rather than individual holidays (for the most part). So, while it might seem weird to some of you, we already colored eggs and did an Easter egg hunt to celebrate Spring! (Plus, Myka will be staying with my parents the weekend of Easter, so it works out!) Except for a couple of the marbled eggs, I left the egg decorating decisions completely up to Myka, which her bossy side enjoyed. :) I think she did a good job! We also worked on some spring crafts the weekend before the spring equinox, but I'll get to those in a minute.

            While Myka was enjoying her Easter egg hunt (3 times, in fact) with daddy, Ripley decided to wander off and visit the chickens. After she got bored with them, I let her wander around the yard for a little bit. She was learning the hard way that not all “floors” are even/level. ;)

            It was so nice out that we decided to go for a walk down to the creek after all that. Myka and John planted some potatoes on the bank since the soil is better for them down there. Plus, the tops are poisonous or don't taste very good (I can't remember which John said), so we shouldn't have to worry about the horde of deer that roam through there eating them!
            After John showed me an area he and his dad had cleared and we walked back to the pond, Myka insisted I play in the creek with her. Everything nowadays with her is, “I wanna come back here.” She still doesn't seem to understand that we can go to the creek any time we want! Lol

            Here are some of our spring crafts and school projects Myka and I have going so far. She told me a week or so ago that she wanted to do birds for school stuff, but I didn't (and still don't :/) have anything ready for it because I was wanting to wait until more birds returned. So, I had the idea to put a bird book together that we can keep track of the birds that we see around here. Bonus: She loves using papaw's binoculars to look for them. ;)
            Soooo the footprint thing in the window I got the idea for from a fellow blogger. (You can find hers HERE.) But, I'm lazy and didn't feel like dealing with cutting out cardboard after all of the other stuff we had done that day, so I just kind of made a makeshift wreath with the footprints in the window.
            I found the handprint chick idea on Pinterest. We made ours to celebrate the first day of Spring with. :)
            I have all kinds of ideas for spring-related school stuff, so I'm combining a few “themes” and using things from each that I think Myka will be interested in. I decided to make a weather chart for her to keep track of. She even helped me draw some of the pictures. ;) I thought this would be a great idea for her for several reasons. 1) She can better judge what clothing is appropriate to wear for the day. 2) It's kind of math/science related, and she seems to be more into math than reading and such. 3) I'm hoping it will help teach her about days and weeks!

            One of our “adult” projects we've been working on is a rabbit hutch. To be honest, it is taking longer than I had thought it would. Lol Silly me thought we would just throw it together in an afternoon. While I'm sure you could, that is totally unfeasible with children...At least for us. But, it's almost there! Just needs a “roof”.

            I've been dying to go for a hike somewhere besides home, so we went for a visit to our local state park, McCormick's Creek, Tuesday. It was compromising at its finest for Myka and me. She got to play on the playground, we had a picnic lunch, then we went for a walk. She even wanted to go for a walk and willingly left the playground without a struggle! What?! We even got to see the pool that we plan on visiting this summer, walked down to the waterfall, and visited the lobby of the hotel and found a mini bird book for Myka. It was a good day!

            What Spring fun are you up to, or is it still too chilly where you are to enjoy the outdoors just yet?
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  1. I love the idea of celebrating the seasons with the kids...I try to do this indoors and outdoors with our son.

  2. Ah this is so fun! I really like how you celebrate all season, that makes for a great Spring!

  3. I love spring!! Celebrating with kids is so much fun too! I like the idea of a rabbit hutch!

  4. These are some great projects/fun!! Maybe it's good that the hutch is taking longer---then it might be more fulfilling because it wasn't so easy!!???

  5. Sounds like you've certainly got spring off to a good start, loads of great ideas here x

  6. Your kids are so cute! Thanks for the fun spring craft ideas!

  7. Ah what lovely ideas! I so love being outside once it gets to Spring and there's some really lovely things to do here! Thanks for sharing with #FabFridayPost