Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Celebration Centerpieces/Favors

    Happy Hump Day! With my grandma passing away recently, I’ve been thinking about her a lot, of course. We still happen to have one of the centerpieces/favors we made for her 90th birthday party a few years ago, so I felt like sharing them with you all. These can be used for such occasions as birthday parties, wedding receptions, and holiday/theme parties. They are relatively simple to make and will last a very long time!

What you’ll need:
-small terra cotta pot
-ribbon of choice
-styrofoam (just enough to fit in bottom half of pot)
-Spanish moss
-fake (silk) flowers and greenery of your choice
 -stamps and ink pad, paint and stencils, OR letter stickers
-glue or glue gun
-paint and brushes or your choice

1)     Paint your pot in whatever color you want. You can paint it more than one color, of course, but I like to keep things simple. ;) Just a little tip, but I prefer using acrylic paints because they dry quicker than others, like tempera.
2)     After your pot has completely dried, paint, stencil, or sticker whatever words or symbols you like on the side of the pot, trying to stay as even as possible, of course. We used stamps and an ink pad on my grandma’s.
3)     Once that has dried, take your ribbon and wrap it around the top edge of your pot and cut it to where it just lines up or is overlapping slightly. Glue or hot glue it into place.
4)     Once the glue holding your ribbon in place has dried, place your piece of Styrofoam into the bottom part of your part as far as it will go. You may have to trim it some. I know we did!
5)     Once you get your Styrofoam into place, arrange your flowers in a complementary way or however you see fit. I highly suggest playing with arrangements before you stick them into the Styrofoam. Not that you can take them out of it, but it’s kind of a pain. Also, you will more than likely need to trim your flower and greenery before placing them in the pot and Styrofoam for good.
6)     Once you’ve got your flowers set up how you like and their ends stuck in the Styrofoam, place the Spanish moss in the rest of the pot, filling it up from the Styrofoam and some spilling over the top so that it covers all the “ugly” stuff on the inside.

Voila! You’ve got a nice centerpiece and party favor for guests to remember your awesome party by for years to come! 
 We also made our own centerpieces/favors for our wedding reception. :) This one was actually my bouquet.                                                                                    
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    2. Great! You're welcome to link up every week.

  2. This is very beautiful and easy to do. This is a great project for craft days with my daughter :) thanks for sharing

  3. They turned out super cute!! Sounds easy enough that even I could do it :)

  4. Great tutorial! These pots are perfect for any occasion that needs a centerpiece!

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    1. Cool! I will go look for it now. I have a guest poster this week with a neat idea for an old, well known project. :)

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  6. This looks so easy to do and is great as a centerpiece keepsake! Thanks for sharing!