Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yard Work in Progress - Part 3

    All of these pictures are from last week, but not much has been accomplished since then. We've been slacking in the yard work department. I need to do some major weeding, which you'll see in the pictures. I still felt like sharing, though!

These are my bleeding hearts. I have always, always, always wanted some and now I have them! I even have one heart already, though it's not "bleeding" yet. 
Strawberry plant in a leftover hay bale from last fall. 
We've actually gotten several more tiny strawberries off of it before these!
I had to pick all of the dead purple flowers off. :( I think more are starting to come on, though. I really need to do some research on these. I just bought them because I liked them. I had never even heard of them before.
We already had a couple of rose bushes in the front when we moved in last April, but I felt like taking a picture because it's pretty. :)
We also had these lilac bushes and irises. I used to not be able to understand why my grandma liked the scent of these so much, but they are starting to grow on me. 
Gladiolus are really popping up!
Finally at least brought the seedlings outside here. Finally got them planted TODAY. Sheesh. 
Some of the corn is coming up. The tomatoes didn't make it. Don't ask. Too soon.
Three sisters stuff. Can't remember which ones, exactly. My husband did them in three different sets. Some with pumpkins, some with zucchini, you get the idea. 
The crap stairs that I tried to do by myself...with a pickaxe. If you read my Noxicare review as well, no, I was not joking about using the pickaxe. lol But wait. It gets better...
Now tell me. Does that look more like soil or rock to you?!

    I hope you have enjoyed my little photo review. What kind of outdoor projects are you working on right now? I'd love to hear from you!

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