Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cleaning with Kids

            Has anyone else become a little obsessed with cleaning since having children? Has the vacuum become your new best friend? I know it has for me. I was just thinking the other day how funny it is some of the things I worry about cleaning now that I never even THOUGHT about before. Can anyone relate?
            I will admit: In the past, I was TERRIBLE about cleaning. To be real honest, I’m still terrible about cleaning certain things, like dishes. *cringes * I’m also still not great about “picking up.” Yes, I’m one of those people who believes there’s a huge difference between cleaning and picking up.
            Anyhow, I always jokingly, but seriously, told my husband I would get better about cleaning when we had children. And for once, that’s actually something I stuck true to my word on. I’ve been gradually getting better and better, especially once Myka started rolling all over the place more and crawling.
            Luckily, my daughter is kind of different from most kids in that she hardly ever sticks anything she shouldn’t into her mouth. The few occasions she does it’s usually a toy when her teething is really bothering her. Still, me and my Hoover have become bffs for life and have a weekly date, usually on Saturday. ; )
            Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I actually vacuum twice a week…once at home and once at the house we babysit at. I shouldn’t even do it there since it’s not in my job description, but…they have a tiny dog…that doesn’t get groomed…like, ever…unless grandma does it. I love animals, I really do, but I find it disgusting to no end picking dog hair off of BOTH children’s mouths constantly. Ew.
            Also, the other day, I never gave much consideration to how dirty the OUTSIDE of trash cans can get. That is, of course, until Myka got on her knees and considered trying to pull herself up on the one, again, where we babysit. Yucky. (I’m sure our kitchen one at home isn’t great either, to be fair.)
            I also went even more overboard while babysitting the other day (I know I keep going on about where we babysit, but we're over there 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. :/) by vacuuming one of their air vents. Also something I never gave much thought to since hubby usually changes our filters fairly often and makes sure the vent is clean. This thing was gross, though. Both of the kids have been sick and I’m sick at the moment and couldn’t help but think, “That may not be why we got sick, but I’m sure it’s not helping!”

Betcha can't tell which part I vacuumed already! Pretty sure these things aren't supposed to be fuzzy...

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a germophobe unless it comes to my daughter. Yes, I realize she’s going to get sick, she already has a few times with minor colds. No, I don’t go around disinfecting everything all the time. (Unless another kid puts one of her toys in their mouth. Ew. Hee hee) Yes, I realize that disinfecting/cleaning too much can actually cause yourself or your kids to become sick more often. Ok. I feel better now. Just had to clear that up. ; )

            So, have you become obsessed with cleaning something more than you used to once your kids became mobile? 

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