Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Week in Photos-9/30

            Hey folks! Since I enjoy sharing photos so much, I thought it would be fun to start a weekly segment where I share what we did throughout the week in pictures. Kind of like a Wordless Wednesday...except even more pictures. ;)

We've been meaning to have a bonfire for awhile as we had a huge pile of wood from cleaning up the yard, never ending stick picking up, cutting trees down, etc. We decided to kick off the first official day of autumn by finally getting around to it! Not gonna lie: The fire was scary big at first and yes, I was getting nervous. John got it tamed eventually and we made smores. Myka still doesn't like marshmallows, as it turns out. Weird kid, right?

Myka pretty much wants to go outside first thing every morning. We usually spend at least a little time in the yard each day, but I finally stopped being a weeny and took her for a walk on one of our trails Thursday. (Have I mentioned I really don't like snakes?) We were "supposed" to make a leaf man for part of our "school stuff"...but I decided to make a stick lady instead and Myka helped me gather stuff for her on our walk. She turned out kinda creepy, huh? Reminds me of a primitive, female enderman from Minecraft. lol Oh well. Myka liked it. ;)

We finally got to pick some spinach from our garden! Contrary to the look on her face, Myka really likes salad. I only wish we had more!
On the right is our little butternut squash witch, Esmerelda. ha ha I came across this on one of the Facebook groups I'm in and had to make one for myself!

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