Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dawn Pub Fall 2015 Release Previews

             Hey folks! If you've been following my blog for awhile, you probably know that twice a year I get the privilege of sharing with you sneak peeks of upcoming Dawn Publications releases. Well, their new releases come out in spring and fall, so needless to say, I'm super behind (and ashamed that I let this slip for so long!) as their two new fall titles, Mighty Mole and Super Soil and If You Love Honey, are already available for purchase! (And, so I don't forget, I'll mention now that they are both currently 25% off!) However, if you're like me and still like to preview things or read reviews before buying certain products, read on!

             MightyMole and Super Soil, written by Mary Quattlebaum and illustrated by Chad Wallace, follows a mole along on her daily life and is full of facts about moles as well as what they do in and for the soil. Geared for ages 4-10, it's sure to appeal to younger readers with it's realistic illustrations and satisfy older children's desire for as much information as possible on subject matter that is new to them.
             I have to admit that I did not know much about moles myself before reading this book, so I actually learned some things too! Moles are interesting little creatures that a lot of us probably don't know much about, even as adults, since they spend most of their time underground. However, it was interesting reading this a second time after we moved into our new house as moles have very much taken up residence ALL OVER our yard. I'm not sure I have quite as much appreciation for them now. Ha ha

             I was excited to preview If You Love Honey because I thought it was going to be all about bees and how important they are AND, as I've stated in sneak peeks past, I love, love, love, Cathy Morrison's illustrations! As usual, her illustrations do not disappoint, but the story did take a turn I wasn't expecting. Although it starts off with bees, Sullivan, the author, goes on to explain how they are connected with other parts of their ecosystem.
             This book is a great, informative way to show kids how everything in an ecosystem relates to one another in some way or another. For older children, it would be great to expand upon what they learned from this story and ask them what might happen if part of an ecosystem was in trouble, such as a dwindling honey bee population or a widespread plant disease of some sort. As usual, there is also further information at the back of the book, such as how honey is made and “busy as a bee activities” to further learning.
             Be sure to check out all of Dawn Publications books, especially if this is your first time hearing about them! All of their books are about nature related topics and the vast majority are geared towards children of all ages. Any book from Dawn Pub would make a great gift for a parent, child, or even teacher! 

I did not receive monetary compensation for this post. I receive advanced copies of books from Dawn Publications in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own. 

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