Monday, September 28, 2015

Gardening Spotlight: Flower Garden Transformation! (In Pictures)

            Hey folks! I just love taking pictures, especially of projects. So, instead of rambling on with a bunch of details you can see for yourself, I thought I would share with you our flower garden transformation with pictures!
            Just a little background on this project, this space is next to one of our garages. While I loved that it was full of chickweed this spring, especially since it's pretty close to where our chicken coop is, the fact remains it was pretty overgrown. So, while I had planned on turning the entire area into a children's/fairy garden initially for our daughters to enjoy as they grow up, I let hubby "talk me into" turning part of it into a mini greenhouse.
            I started working on it on a Saturday recently and, lo and behold, especially with hubby's help digging the hostas up, it took me way less time to get it where I wanted it! So, for your viewing pleasure, here's my amazing *ahem* two day flower bed transformation.

For you gardeners out there who may be crying out, "You dug the hostas up?!", fear not. We have TONS more in various places around the yard...That's why I had no remorse saying "screw it" and digging these up. lol

 Unfortunately, the little bench had to go. It was super rotten. 

            Can't wait to see where this heads in the spring. I had originally planned on letting Myka help me pick lots of different types of flowers out and/or planting our herbs here too, but she enjoys playing in the dirt so much, I might not plant as much so she has room to dig. ;) I feel a garden chotchkie collection coming on as well, so here's hoping the kitties don't knock them over all the time and destroy the flowers too!

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