Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Letter "F" Crafts

            Hey folks! We have been working on letter "F" crafts lately as part of our "informal schooling". I love doing crafts and teaching/playing with my daughter so hey, why not make our craft time a little educational?! Let's start with mine (and Myka's) favorite one so far...

"'F' is for Fire" Craft  (Click on the title to view the original post or pin.)

We're not through all of our "F" crafts yet, but this has been our favorite so far because Myka (she's 2, if you're new around here) can help with the set up as well as the final product. Please, someone remind me to look up more tissue paper crafts for this kid on Pinterest later! Win!

Paper Plate Fish (For the life of me, I cannot find where I found this originally. If you type in "paper plate fish" on Pinterest you can find plenty of ideas.)

Sooo John and I actually made these last year when Myka wasn't really old enough to paint, but they go along with our theme and toddlers/preschoolers can totally help out with decorating them!

"'F' is for Flower" Craft

Like I said, Myka is two and, well, not so great at following directions yet, so ours didn't turn out quite as nice as the original. ha ha Actually, almost all of the petals Myka put on are hidden on the back. lol

Dr.Seuss Inspired Fox Craft

"'F' is for Fish" Dot Marker Craft

We've not gotten to these two yet, but I'm sure Myka will enjoy doing both of these as well. She used to love the "What Does the Fox Say?" song (what kid under the age of 7 didn't?) and tissue paper (evidently). She loves fish too! (Toddlers are so easy to please in some ways, aren't they?)

We also do coloring pages for each letter. Usually she barely colors them, but as you can see, she went a little overboard on the fairy page. ha ha At least she was coloring? You can find the Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book on Amazon for $3.99. Here is where I found our other coloring page.

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  1. These would be perfect to do with my grandkids. Thank you for sharing.