Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greenair Spa Vapor Touch Oil Diffuser Review

            Hey folks! Are you an avid essential oil user? Or maybe you've been wanting to learn more about them for awhile? Either way, I've got an awesome product to share with you today from Greenair: The new SpaVapor Touch diffuser!
            John and I have been using essential oils for several years now in our homemade bath products but, for whatever reason, we have never gotten into using them for health or aromatherapy purposes. Crazy, right? It's something I've been meaning to research more, but just haven't gotten around to it. If you're relatively new to the world of essential oils, getting a diffuser is a great reason to start learning about the different properties of each!
            We received our Greenair SpaVapor Touch to review at a perfect time. (Well, for review purposes, anyways.) Myka had already been through the brunt of her cold, but was still coughing some. (Is there anything more pitiful than a sick kid?) My poor husband was just beginning to get into the nasty part of his: blowing his nose every 5 seconds, it seemed like, coughing so hard he actually threw up once while he was up in the middle of the night, going into cat mode and taking several naps a day, and just generally looking absolutely miserable. You get the picture.
            Myka had a minor cold back in November and I looked up kid-safe essential oils then and bookmarked them for later use. (Just because essential oils come from plants and whatnot, you still need to make sure they are safe for use with children. Some are not recommended for use at all in children under 12, while others are safe to use in one way, but not recommended in others. i.e. Safe to diffuse, but not use topically. And yet others are perfectly safe to use in either way. i.e. Mixed with a carrier oil and used topically or diffused.) So, since I didn't have all of the oils called for in the kid-safe anti-congestion recipe, I substituted one and left out another and ended up using Lavender and Fir Needle.
            I have to say, even not following the exact recipe, it helped a ton diffusing these oils for Myka. Her nose got un-stuffy and her coughs seemed more productive. For John, I decided to get some lemon oil since it is supposed to contain a lot of properties that are good for getting rid of germs. He started feeling a LOT better within a day of me following him around the house with the diffuser. (I didn't really follow him around...exactly...) I noticed a visible difference in him and he commented on it as well without me prompting him. :)

            Now that I got carried away with how excited I was that the diffusing itself actually seemed to have worked, let's learn more about the diffuser! I was afraid this thing was going to be complicated or hard to clean, but it's not. At all. It couldn't be easier.
            The SpaVapor Touch comes with all of the parts and goodies shown above: the diffuser, power cord, instruction booklet, and mini water pitcher. The cord plugs into the bottom (and is actually quite long!), take the lid off and fill to the line with lukewarm water, add 5-6 drops of essential oils, put the lid back on, and touch the "greenair" button once to turn it on. Ta da! Enjoy a lovely smelling house for about 5-6 hours. The SpaVapor touch automatically turns off once the water level is too low. (Especially convenient if you're using it at bedtime!) To clean it, just dump the remainder of the water out and wipe out with a cloth or paper towel. (I still rinse it under the tap some before wiping it out.)

            The SpaVapor Touch also has rotating LED lights that glow underneath. Cool, huh? So, if you happen to use it in your child's bedroom at night, it would make a good night light too! If it's too distracting, though, you can touch the button 3 times to turn the lights off, but keep the diffuser running. It also has two nozzles that you can rotate in whatever direction you like. Convenient if you have the diffuser set up near the middle of the room so that you can spread the oils farther!
            If you are thinking of investing in an essential oil diffuser, I definitely highly recommend this one. It's easy to use, seems very durable, and doesn't smell like burning plastic when in use. (No really. I had a friend who ordered a cheap one from Amazon and she said it smelled like burning plastic! Yuck!) Speaking of Amazon, you can find the SpaVapor Touch on sale right now for $44.99. Don't forget to stay up-to-date with Greenair on Facebook and check out their whole line of oil diffusers on their website as well!

            Before you run off, if you would like a chance to win your OWN SpaVapor Touch, follow the link to the giveaway page!

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  1. Thanks for the review.I love the fact that it shuts off automaticlly when water gets too low.The 2 nozzles is another good benefit. I think I need this. :)
    Carol L

    1. I wanted to say that since the New Year my daughter and I have had so many colds it's become necessary to fix the air aroundd us. The sniffles seem to go on forever. Hopefully something like this would help. I'm unable to find a comment button for the giveaway post so I put it here.
      Carol L

    2. Sorry you couldn't find the button. Thank you for letting me know and I'll keep it in mind if you win! This is our first winter back in Indiana and I swear we have all been sick more times already than we have in the past 5 years! The cold my daughter and husband had this last time was pretty nasty and I really do feel like the diffuser helped them get better quicker! I used it in our bedroom the other night with lavender oil and slept SO much better too!

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