Monday, February 2, 2015

The Outsider

            To be totally cliche, have you ever felt like you were on the outside looking in? I have felt like that on a lot of mine and Myka's kid-friendly outings since we have moved back to Indiana. While I take her to the library and other special kid-centric events mostly for her benefit, a part of me is always hoping to meet another mom I might get along with and actually have something in common with...other than having children. However, I had somewhat of an epiphany after getting home from our very first in-home playdate last week: I don't really belong to any type of "mom group" and I probably never will. And I'm surprisingly ok with that!
            I'm the type that dances to the beat of their own drum. Sure, everyone is unique...but I feel like I'm one of those that is more unique than "normal". Maybe even a little on the *gasp*weird side. Well, I think most of my "weirdness" is just socially awkwardness, but I digress.
            My hobbies and interests are majorly random. I love playing computer games, but I'm also really interested in sustainable living. I hate pop and country music, but I can listen to just about anything else all day long, even classical. We cloth diaper, try not to watch tv too much, and feed our kid better than we do ourselves, but we are not into attachment parenting at all. Do I expect to find someone that is into exactly the same things I am? Absolutely not! But are two or three of them too much to ask for?
            Don't get me wrong. I don't really care about "social acceptance" either. I just want someone to share my weirdness with who, even if we don't agree on everything, will at least understand where I'm coming from.
            I'm really not into "appearances", either, which some of the moms I overheard talking at the playdate seemed to be into, not surprisingly. (I know this is extremely judgmental, but that's always how I've imagined moms would be at those things, but I was pleasantly surprised with a few of them. :) ) I could care less how big your house is in fill in the blank high end subdivision. And don't get me started on how bad some moms can be about comparing their children. Little Billy started talking when he was 3 months old? Good for him! You're full of shit, but good for him!
            Overall, though, Myka and I did have a good time at our playdate and I'm sure I would do it again. There were a few at least semi-kindred souls to talk to. (Mostly I'm just happy none of the other kids tormented or maimed mine.) But while I do enjoy socializing sometimes, I am totally ok with being my weird self at home most of the time. It's good practice for when we move to the country and start our homesteading journey sometime this year (hopefully). Plus it's way easier to be anti-social. ;)

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