Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Date Night

             I didn't understand what the big deal was about couples with kids having date nights until recently. "Don't people enjoy spending time with their kids?" I thought. We used to enjoy taking Myka places with us...Then she started walking...And getting closer to the dreaded "2". Things changed, as I'm sure most of you with children know.
            If for no other reason, I am glad we moved back to Indiana and closer to family so that John and I can have some alone time every now and then. And honestly, with the way Myka has started acting over the past few months, I think I would have gone insane staying home with her ALL the time and never getting a break. Just being honest.           
            With that being said, we've lived in our apartment exactly a month today, my mom and stepdad have already kept Myka overnight twice, and it has been so nice! Sadly, I still didn't do half the things I would have liked to while she was gone this past Saturday. ha ha Anyways, as bad as this sounds, I had forgotten how enjoyable it can be for just John and I to be together. What's even worse of me to say (but I'm pretty sure every parent thinks it at some point or another, whether they want to admit it or not) is that while I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, I think one of the best parts has been how easy it is to go out without a child. Don't even get me started on how much more pleasant eating out is!
            This past weekend we went to Noodles & Co. to eat, which was great not only because I could take my time (I am the world's slowest eater), but because I hadn't eaten there in YEARS. (It was one of my faves my first year of college.) After that, I can't begin to express the joy that was being able to look through books at the book store instead of making sure no one steals my child while she's playing at the Lego table. We also finally got some wood glue and stain for the doll house we bought a year and a half ago to make Myka. Better late than never? :) Hopefully we'll at least have it done by her birthday next October! 
            We also went to Best Buy to look (unsuccessfully) for a couple of movies, but that wasn't all that exciting. We did get a new dvd player for our bedroom. Yay! We're "those" people who have to have the tv, fan, or some sort of noise to fall asleep to and our old player crapped out a few nights ago. 
            We finally got home later than we thought we would (hence me not getting around to some things I had intended to work on while Myka was gone) and had some "adult beverages" and played around on the computer for awhile. I did get some Thanksgiving theme related "teaching materials" printed out for Myka. I'm sure I'll have a post on that soon. :)
            When was the last time you had a date night or just some extended time alone?

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