Monday, November 17, 2014

The IE Mommy's Favorite Things Giveaway


Every year I have the opportunity to review hundreds of amazing products! Some I use just the once and some become household favorites and items that I continue to buy. So what were my favorites? Here are my top 14 favorite reviews of 2014; one selected from each of my main categories of review items. And guess what? Fourteen of these items (or something similar) are up for grabs in this amazing Giveaway with over $400 in prizes! Here are my top 14!


This adorable tote continues to be a favorite. The quality surpassed my expectations and it has held up with the beating I give my bags! The color didn't fade, the zipper didn't break and there are no holes, tears or rips. Amazing after a year of use! You can read my full original review here.


I tried this with Jax who had a preference for the ugly pacifiers the hospital gave you and was shocked when immediately latched onto it and nine months later, he still hasn't let go! Lambie, or Lambie Lamenstein as we've named him, is his most prized possession! He doesn't go to sleep without it! You can read my full original review here.

Children's Products

I tried and tried for years every headband, hair clip, bow in the book on Paige's hair! She NEVER likes them! Every day I'd go to pick her up from school and her hairpiece would be in her cubby. We tried these bands from CGH and she LOVED them! They were so adorable and unique and she liked that they didn't hurt her head or ears at all. You can read my full original review here.


21 Day Fix from Beachbody
This review was literally life changing for me since it helped me reach all of my fitness goals in three weeks! AND I loved it so much I decided to become a Beachbody Coach to help others reach their goals too. I have never seen such a complete program that covers all your fitness needs and really works! For my transformation story you can read my full original review here.

Gadget & Tech

Weightmaster II Scale from Ozeri
This was the year to lose my baby weight after delivering Jax at the end of December! I really wanted to know more than just my weight though and I loved that this scale also told me my BMI. Not only that; it stores your info and will tell you what you've lost in the past day, three days and week! It's a nice way to keep tabs on myself! You can read my full original review here.

Games and Toys: Baby

We got so much use out of this Gymini from Tiny Love! Jax loved it from the start! When he was a newborn he would lay under it and just look around at the colors. As he developed, he started playing with the dangling toys. Then at about six months when he started crawling we turned it into the tent and he played hide and go seek in it! You can read my full original review here.

Games and Toys: Boys

Angry Birds Action Game from Tactic Games
My son has been hooked on Angry Birds from Day one! He is obsessed! He is pretty single minded so when he's into something, it's all about that one thing! That's why it's nice to have options! This Angry Birds Action Game is so fun to play that the whole family gets involved. Whenever it's game night and it's Reed's turn to choose, he will go for this one every time! You can read my complete original review here.

Games and Toys: Girls

Disney Palace Pets from Build-A-Bear Workshop
Disney Palace Pets 
 My daughter already loves Build-A-Bear Workshop AND she loves Disney so put them together and you have a hit! She got the Cinderella pet Pumpkin and I don't think a day has gone by that she hasn't played with it! She loves to dress up like Cinderella and then carry around Pumpkin. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. You can read my complete original review here.


The Knot Genie 
 Paige's hair is always a tangled mess! She has that hair that just sticks together and tangles. And now that she does swim lessons three times a week it's even worse! Thank goodness for The Knot Genie. It was the first brush she didn't scream and complain about and the only one she lets me use til this day! You can read my original complete review here.

Home and Family Products

Our Family Rules Canvas from Fulcrum Gallery
Fulcrum Gallery 
 This was one of my more recent reviews and I absolutely love it! I get so many compliments on it because it's such a unique spin on the popular Family Rules! The colors just pop and the fonts all blend together perfectly. I also love referring my kids to this when they need reminding of a certain rule now that they are reading! You can read my complete original review here.


Locket and Charms from Origami Owl
Origami Owl 
 I had heard lots of things about Origami Owl and really didn't know what all the fuss was about, until I had one! LOVE IT! I love everything about it and it's one of my two favorite necklaces to wear all the time! I love the quality and look of it and that it represents my most treasured job in life: being a mom! You can read my original complete review here.


Soma Walter Filtration System
 I love this water filtration system from Soma! It's definitely a step up from the old pitcher we used to have. It looks beautiful sitting on my counter and I get a lot of people complimenting and asking about it. I like having water handy to pour because I'm more like to drink it that way! You can read my original complete review here.


Whiplash Eyelash Curler from Crave Naturals
Whiplash Eyelash Curler 
 I have not been blessed with long gorgeous eyelashes like my three precious children! Mine need a little bit of help. Ok, a LOT of help! This eyelash curler is amazing! It gives instant results without cramping of the fingers or pulling of the eyelashes. It's become part of my daily routine. Ok, make that part of my routine when I wear makeup! You can read my original complete review here.


Herbacin Foot Care from Herbacin USA
Herbacin USA 
 One of the biggest luxuries in life to me involves getting a pedicure! I run around all day long and my feet take the brunt of it! While it's a luxury I don't get often, there's no reason I can't take care of my feet at home! The Herbacin foot cream really made me feel like I was getting a spa treatment at home. I love sitting down and rubbing this on at the end of a long day. It's become part of my nightly routine. You can read my original complete review here.

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The Giveaway

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Most of these amazing companies have agreed to Giveaway my favorite things to YOU! Some aren't the exact same product but they are comparable and since they are coming from the same Company, I know you will love them!

Pattern LA

One Winner: ARV $24.00
Sydney SmartPhone Case - Fleur Berry 
Sydney SmartPhone Case - Fleur Berry

Lambie & Me

One Winner: ARV $29.95
Lambie and Me 
Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket


One Winner: ARV $11.99
Christmas 3 Piece Outfit


One Winner: ARV $14.95
5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew & Accessory Set

Tiny Love

One Winner: ARV $50.00

Tactic Games

One Winner: ARV $24.99
Angry Birds Action Game 
Angry Birds Action Game

The Knot Genie

One Winner: ARV $19.95
The Knot Genie 
The Knot Genie (color may vary)

Fulcrum Gallery

One Winner: ARV $75.00
Gift Card 
Gift Card

Origami Owl

ARV $50.00
$50.00 Gift Card 
$50.00 Gift Card

Crave Naturals

One Winner for (4) Crave Products: ARV $73.75
Brow & Lash Kit 
Brow & Lash Kit
Glide Thru Detangling Brush 
Glide Thru Detangling Brush
Precision Tweezers 
Precision Tweezers
Organic Argan Oil 
Organic Argan Oil

Herbacin USA

One Winner: ARV $6.00
Foot Cream 
Foot Cream

Enter to Win these Prizes and Good Luck!

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  1. I would love to have the Ozeri Weightmaster scale, though these are all great otems.

  2. I am most excited about the Origami Owl. Very nice.