Thursday, July 25, 2013

Craft Fever!

        I feel like I've gone a little crazy with the crafting lately. It's like I put some stuff off for so long that now I've gone overboard! Do you ever do that? Put off so many projects for so long that once you finally do one of them you just go nuts? What's even scarier is that I keep adding things to my craft "to do" list.
        I have been meaning to work on some more Crappy Scrappies for months now. I finally made the first one the other day. I'm wanting to try to sell them at some point soon, but they still need some work. You may have seen on my Facebook page last night that I made the tutu skirt for my daughter's Halloween costume as well. (She's going to be a fairy.) I'm starting to wonder when I became so girly, but I'm thinking of making and selling those as well because I really enjoyed making it.
        While I'm proud of myself for finally getting some things done, my to do list still feels like it's a mile long. I still need to make a boy Crappy Scrappy, attempt at making wings for my daughter's costume, and play around with making some receiving blankets into cloth wipes and pre-folds. O.o
        What kind of crafty things have you guys been up to lately? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!
Girl Crappy Scrappy (aptly named, huh?)/toddler pillow (the back is the purple fleece you see on front)

Myka's tutu for her fairy costume. Cute, right? The extra in the back actually works out because it will need to be pinned. (I look at it as a learning experience. ;) )


  1. This post caught my eye b/c I've been making a few pillows! How cute! I'd like to make a tutu, it sounds fun, I see you made a great one!!!

    1. Cool! In theory pillows should be easy, but I hate that last corner where you stuff them at! I found a really neat video on a way to do a hidden hand stitch that I want to try out next time I make one. :)