Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enjoying the Little Things

            I am having a spectacular time on my between jobs interlude so far! After my last day at work on Sunday I was able to have dinner with a few friends from work. I think that is only the second time I have been out of the house to do anything fun without Myka or John since I had her. My husband’s weekend is Monday and Tuesday, so we were pretty lazy Monday. We mostly played Minecraft (yes, we are a couple of computer game nerds) and went to the store, although that is NEVER fun. I told one of my friends from work I would rather starve than go to the store. Lol
We splurged a little and bought some new movies from the awesome $5 bin at Walmart. John picked out “Over the Hedge” and some Looney Tunes cartoons and I picked a combo pack of “The Hills Have Eyes” movies, if that gives you any idea about our personalities. (Shouldn’t I be the one picking out kids movies? Lol) We also rented some from Redbox. One was a spoof movie with one of the Wayans brothers in it and the other “This is 40”. I don’t know about you, but I love Paul Rudd! Neither was a horrible movie, but I probably wouldn’t watch either of them again. Oh well. I love popcorn and movie nights. At least you know the popcorn will be good. ;)
Tuesday we went for a short hike in the afternoon. Silly me thought, “Oh, it’s not that hot out so I won’t have to worry about sweating so much.” Ha! We were only out for 1 ½ hours and things were still drenched. It really makes a difference having 30 extra pounds on your back and walking up inclines, to be fair. We watched the remake of “Red Dawn” that came out last year with yumtacular Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor). Maybe I’m just weird, but I found an interesting tidbit of useless movie trivia on one of my random IMDb tangents the other day. Chris Hemsworth is the older brother of Liam Hemsworth, who plays Gale in “The Hunger Games”. Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in “The Hunger Games”, is in the remake of “Red Dawn” as well. I just love useless trivia like that.
This morning Myka and I went to the library for a program called “Baby Steps” they are doing each Wednesday in July. I like it because it’s specifically for kids under 18 months old. The first part of it you sing rhymes, clap, bounce your baby, that sort of thing. The second half is basically just for the parents to meet and the kids to play. If I haven’t already admitted to you guys that I’m kind of anti-social, I am now. It was kind of nice talking to new people, though. Since we were already in the downtown area, I decided we’d go visit daddy at work and get a quick walk in. Now I’m just waiting for Myka to wake up from her nap so we can Skype chat with one of my aunts. Her little boyfriend will be here in a few hours too, so hopefully she’s not asleep the whole time like she usually is when he comes over. Lol
           What do you guys like to do for fun with your kids? Hiking? Play dates? Swimming? 

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