Friday, July 19, 2013

Greenchild Creations Fitted Diaper Review & Giveaway

            Hey folks! I am super excited to bring you my very first diaper review and giveaway! Anne from Greenchild Creations was kind enough to let Myka and I try out one of her flannel, one size, fitted pocket diapers. I am a pocket diaper virgin, so I was especially excited to try this adorable diaper out!

            I originally came across Greenchild Creations on Etsy when I was searching for a fitted diaper to hopefully fix Myka’s nighttime leaking situation. I had bought a fitted from another Etsy store owner and was big time disappointed with it, as it was WAY too small, especially for being listed as an OS. I loved the prints used for Greenchild Creations fitted diapers, but more importantly they looked like they would fit my chunky monkey! I even messaged Anne and asked her how they fit chubby babies and she assured me she had seen them tested out on her friend’s chubby toddler and was even nice enough to send me a link to her blog post on it with pictures!
            I will be honest: I was still leery about whether or not the diaper would fit Myka before I got to see it in person. Call me a pessimist. It fits great, though! Isn’t it nice to be pleasantly surprised?
            One of my biggest concerns was the rise being long enough. You wouldn’t think this would be an issue as short as my daughter is, but like I said, she makes up for it in chunk! Reading the description of the diaper beforehand, I knew that it was the kind that has an adjustable rise and will fit a wide range of shapes and sizes. Boy, I had not expected just how adjustable it is! I love that it will be able to fit her until she is potty trained. Because of the length, this would fit great on tall, string bean babies/toddlers too. Also, because you’re definitely going to have a little extra that needs to be folder under towards the inside of the diaper, this can act as extra padding for absorbency too.

            My other major concern (which had arose from the first failed fitted diaper I tried) were the wings being long enough to fit around Myka’s Buddha belly comfortably. I was pleasantly surprised with this as well! Not only did they fit around comfortable, they actually came around a lot tighter (I mean that in a good way) than I expected them too. Again, this means they’ll still be “good to grow” as Myka gets older. If you have a skinny baby never fear! You can always overlap the wings if you need to and only have to use one pin instead of two. Yay! Less pins!

            My favorite thing (as far as functionality goes) about this diaper, besides being easily adjustable for chubby and skinny babies, is that it is stretchy, stretchy, stretchy! There is elastic all along the waist in the back and along the legs, which for my daughter are the areas we need it in the most!

            You might be wondering, “Ok, pocket diaper virgin, what did you think of that aspect of it?” To be honest, it took some getting used to the first couple of times, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it! Let’s be honest, though, those of you who do use pocket diapers religiously probably took some time getting the hang of it too.

Because I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the absorbency of the diaper alone, I have been experimenting with different types of inserts. We have been using the BestBottom microfiber overnight inserts for the past couple of months with no incidents at night. (Hallelujah! We found a solution at last!) However, I decided to stuff our Greenchild Creations diaper with what I use on Myka during the day: a Gerber prefold with half of a flat folded inside. I’m not going to lie; this made for a super bulky diaper butt and was probably overkill, but we didn’t have any leaks! Personally, I would almost rather use too much fluff than not enough and start washing crib sheets 50 times a week again!

The second night I felt like pushing my luck and trying to see how little of fluff I could get away with stuffing, so I used one of the 6 layer flannel inserts I made. This was not enough as there was a tiny little wet spot on her onesie this morning. Honestly, I had a feeling it probably wouldn’t be enough. But she wasn’t completely soaked, so I’m happy.
The third time I decided to see how well this diaper would hold up during the day (even though I'll probably just use it for nighttime use). I stuffed it with one of my fleece inserts and a hemp one. This proved to be overkill too. My daughter ended up taking a long, unusual time of the day for her nap so I didn't get to change her as soon as I normally would. In fact, she had it on for about 6 hours with no leaks! We're still playing around with different combinations for what works for her, but we'll get there soon. (Also, in case you're wondering, this diaper is holding up very well in the wash so far!)
I’d like to share with you a few more things to keep in mind and consider with these diapers. If you are afraid of pocket diapers and stuffing like I was, PLEASE keep in mind that you don’t have to stuff it. You can always just use the diaper like a cover and lay whatever inserts, prefolds, etc. you would like inside. Second, although I did get brave and tried pinning again with this diaper and it wasn’t as bad as I had expected (especially with Myka being to the stage where she tries to get away from me), you have other options. You can try using no closures at all, but honestly I think this would be kind of difficult getting it to cooperate while getting the cover secured at the same time. Greenchild Creations is now offering to add snaps OR aplix closures to any of the fitted diapers at an additional cost. Finally, if you’re more of the DIY type, you could add your own aplix or snaps. If pins don’t bother you, you can request them when you order a diaper and Anne will be happy to include two for free!
Greenchild Creations also sells super cute hedgehog pincushions, fleece diaper covers, lotions, vegan soaps, and even has a Paleo cookbook available in download and print, which stemmed from her sons special dietary needs. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop HERE to purchase one of her quality, hand-made items or just show some love!

If you like giveaways and trying before buying, you’re in luck! One lucky reader will win her own adorable, one size, fitted, flannel pocket diaper in this gender-neutral monkey print!
Photo credit: Greenchild Creations

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