Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Wednesday: "Crappy Scrappy" - A Texture & Pattern Toy

    Happy Hump Day! Time for yet another crafty DIY Wednesday post, but it is somewhat functional too. My 6 month old has been really interested in textures and patterns lately and me being the type of person who tries not to waste things, I decided to put my fabric scraps and newfound love of sewing to work! I got the idea for this from the Taggies blankets, to be honest, but wanted to put my own spin on it. I also decided to stuff it a little right before I sewed the whole thing up, so, depending on how big you decide to make yours, you could use it as a toddler pillow as well. J
NOTE: I am no professional by any means, so if there are any of you quilters or hardcore seamstresses out there reading this, please don’t jump down my throat if I’m not explaining how to sew this project together the “correct” way. I realize there are probably a lot easier ways to go about doing this, but I have a bad habit of going about things bassakwards. It’s meant to be a fun, quick, practice project for those just starting out sewing. Thanks!

What you’ll need:
-fabric scraps (Preferably ones with different textures and patterns. I used PUL (polyurethane laminate), hemp, and fleece. I would also suggest using larger pieces to make your life easier. ;) )
-sharp, sharp scissors…seriously; the sharper the better!
-sewing machine
-pins (optional)
-stuffing/poly-fil (optional)

1)     Cut your fabric scraps to desired size. (I would say if you’re new to sewing like me, the bigger the better and if you make them all equal size you will have a lot easier time than I did as well.)
2)     Arrange your scraps on a table to form a rough square or rectangle. Remember, you can always cut the extras off the sides to make it perfect or you can be lazy like me and just fold them under and sew them inside of the Crappy Scrappy when the time comes. You can also pin everything together at this point if you really want. Again, I’m lazy. No pins for me. :D
3)     Sew rows of fabric together. For example, sew the scraps on the left side together, then the middle row, then the right row: all separately. I used a plain old straight stitch on this entire project. As far as keeping your seams on the inside, you will want to fold your pieces of fabric so that the sides you want facing the outside are facing each other when you sew along the edges. (I hope that makes sense!)
4)     Once you have each individual row sewn together, sew all of the rows together, from left to right. (I guess you don’t necessarily have to sew them together in that order, but it sounded good.)
Oops! This is part of the reason why I mentioned that it would be easier to make all of your scrap pieces the same size. You'll thank me later. lol
5)     Repeat steps 1-4 for the other side.
Don't worry about excess hanging over the edge. You will sew it under and inside eventually.
6)     Now for the fun part! Line your two squares/rectangles up as best as possible, with the outside parts facing each other once again. Again, if they don’t line up perfectly, no stress. Mine didn’t either, obviously. Don’t sew straight along the edge of the cloth if yours don’t line up either. Instead, just be sure to sew straight so that you still get both of your squares sewn together in a straight line. It’s ok if there’s excess over the edge on one side or another.

7)     Once you get near the end, be sure to leave a hole large enough for you to put stuffing inside and/or be able to turn it right side out. (You will need to do this even if you decide not to stuff it.) If you are stuffing or not, turn your squares right side out now. If you are stuffing, go ahead and fill in the fluff now too.
If you want it to look a little nicer, I wouldn't leave as big of a hole to stuff with as I did. 
8)     With the remainder of your edges folded under and lined up appropriately, finish sewing your squares together. That’s it! You now have a cute, hand-made toy that baby can learn with and, if you stuffed it, can also function as a toddler pillow later on!
Don't let the unamused look on her face fool you. She had just woke up when I took this. She really loves it, I swear! 


  1. What a creative use of scraps. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great idea! I have so many scraps laying around!

  3. Awww that turned out super cute!! You're so crafty :)

  4. Great way to use up fabric scraps. What a cutie!