Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Reusable Sandwich Containers

    This week I am FINALLY bringing you a DIY Wednesday project that is functional instead of crafty! (Although I hope you enjoy the crafty ones as much as I do.) My husband found this awesome idea on the interwebs for making a sandwich container out of an old, empty milk jug. It’s super easy and the hardest part is just cutting the jug. These would be especially great for packing your kids’ school lunches. Enjoy!

What you’ll need:
-Empty, clean, 1 gallon jug (It doesn’t have to be a milk jug. It could be a water one…or orange juice…or…Ok. You get the point.)
-Washable marker of some sort (I used a dry erase marker and it came off my milk jug better than it does my damn dry erase board.)
-Snaps or hook and loop tape (optional)

1)     Start off by drawing the outline of where you will be cutting. (Make sure to do it like mine in the picture otherwise you won’t have the long section of lid!)
2)     You can dig right in, but I trimmed out all the extra jug first to make it a little easier cutting along the lines.

3)     Finish cutting along your lines. Be sure to get far enough down in the cracks so you can bend the folds more easily.
4)     After you’re finished cutting, fold and somewhat pinch the folds over at desired height.
5)     That's it! You can hold together the long fold however you like (i.e. tape), but I opted to put a snap on it since I just happened to have some laying around.


  1. This is so cool and eco-friendly. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Okay that's so cool! I would have never thought of that. Thanks :)

  3. That's really neat! I never would've thought of that. I'm going to try to share this on my fb page. Thanks for sharing!