Thursday, May 19, 2016

Get Out This Weekend for Kids To Parks Day 2016!

 Photo Credit: National Park Trust

            Hey folks! If you missed it last week, I shared 13 Tips for Hiking With Kids. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors because it is the National Park Trust's “Kids To Parks Day” this Saturday, May 21st.
             What is Kids To Parks Day? Basically, it is an initiative to get kids to explore their local, state, or national parks. Spending time in nature, exploring, and learning new things is beneficial for adults and children alike. And it's a great, fun, stress-relieving way to spend quality time as a family!
             You can pledge to take your kids to a park on Kids To Parks Day here. By doing so, you are entered into a giveaway and will have a chance at winning one of four prize packages! There will also be an Instagram photo contest in which you'll have the chance to win even more prizes simply by using the hashtags #KidstoParks and #BuddyBison on your social media photo shares. More details are to come on that, so be sure to check back on their website.
             Afraid your kids might get bored at some point on your hiking adventures? The National Park Trust has you covered there too. You can find a Boredom Busters guide here for ideas to liven things up or get your kids' natural curiosity piqued. There is also an Adventure Book you can download to take with you on your visit as well as other resources to keep your kids entertained.
             Some parks will be holding special events as well on May 21st. You can visit this link to find out if there is one near you! (Remember: Even if you're not near a national park, state and local parks may be participating in special events too!)
             So get out there this weekend and happy hiking!



  1. We love hiking as a family and I did not know May 21st was a special day. We have a trip planned for this fall, but I'm hoping to get to our local park soon for my favorite hike. Thanks for linking to Waiting On...Wednesday!

    1. I didn't find out about it until last year. I am "cheating" and didn't take the kids out today, but we're planning on hiking with a friend tomorrow. :)

  2. This sound like great fun! I look forward to hearing and seeing lots of photos about it soon. :) Don't forget to hashtag #ExplorerKids on IG too! :) x

    Thank you so much for joining us on #FabFridayPost :) x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm hoping to post a lot more outdoorsy fun on the blog soon. :)