Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This Week in Photos-5/25/16

            Hey folks! It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts because, well, I've been pretty busy since having Ripley and just haven't had time for it! Let's give it another go starting this week...

            I've been dying to try more new diapers and covers out lately, but alas. We're not made of money. I did, however, buy a couple of "seconds" Osocozy prefolds from our local diaper store to try out. Sadly, this is the first "real" prefold I have ever had. Again, we've always used the cheap Gerber ones. I can't believe how much thicker, nicer, and more absorbent these bad boys are!

            Little Bit turned 4 months old last week! Time is going by too fast. With Myka, I couldn't wait for her to get older. With Ripley, I kind of want her to stay little forever. :(

            Yesterday we checked out a new play area at one of the parks in Bloomington. Other than only having ONE bench for adults to sit on (really, parks and rec?), it was nice and I love the idea of it being like the beach. In case it's not obvious, it's all sand! There was a lot more to do than I expected and shovels and the like are provided too. (Although we did bring a shovel and a bunch of trucks from home. Naturally, she was sooo excited to play with her trucks and she played with the big one for like 15 seconds once we got there.) Although it was still quite warm, I liked that it was shaded too!
            That's it for now. Until next time!

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