Monday, April 4, 2016

Yummi Pouch Reusable Sandwich Bags Review

            Hey folks! Do you like finding easy and affordable ways to go green? Have you tried out reusable sandwich and snack bags yet? It's a simple change to make, inexpensive, AND it can help making going green fun for your kids!
             Revelae Kids offers Yummi Pouch reusable snack and sandwich bags in fun prints for kids. They are 100% polyester, BPA, pthalate, PVC, and lead free, and even machine washable! (both the dishwasher and your regular washing machine) Yummi Pouch sandwich bags are also water resistant and measure 7in by 7in, so there is plenty of room whether you use it to store sandwiches or snacks.
             We recently had the opportunity to try out Yummi Pouch's reusable sandwich bags in these fun “girly” prints. I've been wanting to try some reusable sandwich bags for quite awhile and just haven't gotten around to it (read “lazy”), so I was particularly excited to try these since I already know Yummi Pouch makes quality products. There were tons of things about them I liked and think you will too!
             As you can imagine, they are convenient to take on the go: playdates, road trips, picnics, trips to the store. The possibilities are endless. It seems like we are in the car quite a bit, especially when my husband is home, running to the this store and that, visiting family on the weekends, playdates during the week, so these sandwich bags are a welcome new friend in the diaper bag. Speaking of which...

             The bright, vibrant patterns make them so much easier to find in your purse, diaper bag, backpack, etc. I have our diaper bag packed for two kids, so it goes without saying that there is a LOT of stuff in there. The Yummi Pouch bags are nice and easy to spot so you're not digging through the entire bag to find a darn sandwich or snack! (We all know how patient kids are anyways, right?)

I would have pictures a whole sandwich, but Myka hardly ever eats a whole one. ha ha You can still tell there's plenty of room in there for one, though!

             That's another thing I like about these bags: since they are sandwich sized, they are big enough to use for a sandwich or snacks. Not that I'm trying to talk anyone out of the snack bags too, but I like things that can be used for more than one thing. You can't fit a sandwich into a snack bag, but you can fit snacks into a sandwich bag! Or you can buy both and be set for years. ;)

             I have also found that besides their obvious use, Yummi pouch reusable sandwich bags are good for storing leftover sandwiches and snacks at home. I have a 3 year old who rarely eats all of, well, anything. These are handy for storing pb and honey leftovers, apples, chips, you name it.
             With the fun prints these bags are available in, I'd like to think it helps going green more fun for children. Myka, being the bossy little thing she is anyways, enjoyed telling me which bag she wanted for her sandwich. She likes anything girly and pink and not surprisingly chose the one with butterflies. (That's my favorite too. ;) )

             Last, but not least, these are great if you have multiple children since they come in sets of 3. (Although if you have younger children you may have to break up arguing over who gets which bag.) Even if you don't have multiple kids, I don't think the prints are too “childish” to dissuade adults from using them as well.
             Visit Revelae Kids to peruse all of their fun kids items and purchase your own reusable sandwich and snack bags. You can stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  1. we use a ton of pouches like this. They come in very handy when packing lunchboxes!