Thursday, April 14, 2016

My New Love of Flannel & Bamboo

             Hey folks! As much as I like cloth diapering, I don't write about it much because, well, we have a pretty boring set up. We found something that worked with Myka and stuck with it. Up until recently, I've not been very adventurous in the cloth diapering department. Part of the reason being that we don't have loads of expendable income to spend on diapers and I am especially loathe to pay for something, try it out, only to find that I don't like it or it doesn't work. Sure, I could try to resell them on my local B/S/T cloth diaper group, but the few things I have for sale on there now aren't selling very quickly.
             Anyways, you may have read my recent review of one of Greenchild Creations' diapers, where I fell in love with fitted diapers. If you've not tried these kind of diapers, they are great for nighttime! As much as I like the flannel ones that I tried because they are super absorbent, I've noticed that if Ripley doesn't wake up during the night, she ends up with a red butt in the morning from having it on so long. And so began my journey into trying different fabrics out...
             I just joined the B/S/T cloth diaper group that I mentioned above a few weeks ago. I've been scouring the sales posts for fitted diapers and wool covers. (I'll get to that later.) I was excited when I came across a Sweet Pea one size bamboo fitted diaper that looked practically brand new! Even better, it was $10 less than it would cost brand new! 

             So far I've only been able to try it out a few times (we were out of town for a funeral last weekend), but it seems to be helping with the red baboon butt situation! Little Bit had it on for about 6 hours the first time with no issues. She had it on for a whopping 9/9 ½ hours another time, and even pooped in it, and it performed beautifully! Not only did she not get a diaper rash, but it kept the poo from getting on the cover as well, which always makes me happy. ;) Oh. And no leaks either!
             As for the flannel fitteds, I'm hoping and thinking a more breathable cover would help prevent diaper rash. We exclusively use PUL covers at the moment, so I'm planning on trying out at least one fleece and one wool cover in the near future. Greenchild Creations has a fleece cover I've been eyeballing for the longest time and I'd like to try one of her bamboo fitteds out. There are a couple of wool covers for sale on my B/S/T group, but I haven't decided which I want to go with yet.
             It's not cloth diaper related, but I have somehow ended up with a plethora of nursing pads. I've been trying to find/make some that will actually keep me dry overnight, mainly the nights that Little Bit decides to actually sleep all night without waking up. Someone on a Babycenter post said she used flannel to make her own. I had made a few myself before Ripley was even born, but didn't use flannel for some reason. Duh!

 Yes, they're uneven. Yes, the sewn by hand job is terrible, but hey. They work!

             So I finally got around to finishing these in the picture with four layers of flannel and PUL on the back for extra protection. I tried them out for the first time last night and, funny enough, Little Bit actually slept through the night. I usually wake up to a fairly wet shirt on the mornings this happens. I'm happy to report that I only had one tiny little wet spot and I'm pretty sure that's only because ALL of my nursing pads move around when I sleep. Yay! I'll definitely be making more now that I know they work. I'm so sick of waking up and feeling like I've entered a wet t-shirt contest some time in the middle of the night! Lol (I also have a review coming up for Softies nursing pads which I think will work just as well as my flannel ones, if not better, so stay tuned for that!)
             Moral of my rambling: I'm glad I'm finally getting adventurous and breaking out of my boring ole cotton bubble. ;) What fabrics do you like in cloth diapers? What have you found that works for you overnight, whether it's cloth diapers or nursing pads?

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