Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week in Photos-12/9/15

             Hey folks! Not that I think many of you would have cared, but there almost wasn't a Week in Photos post this week! I have been desperately trying to catch up on reviews and giveaways this past week. Leave it to me to get piled up only weeks before baby #2 is due when I have hardly done any reviews and giveaways this entire year! But, at least you know you have several giveaways to look forward to soon. :)
             As much as I enjoy doing reviews and giveaways, I'm hoping to get around to at least a couple of regular posts before Christmas. As you'll see in one of the pictures below, we have been busy Christmas ornament making beavers, so I thought a pre-schooler-friendly DIY ornament round-up post might be fun. I'd also like to share how to make pine cone bird feeders because it's a fun indoor activity to do with the kiddies this time of year too.

             We actually got our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. :O It truly is a Christmas miracle. Lol However, I told my husband if this baby isn't here by the day after Christmas, we are taking that sucker down asap otherwise it'll never get done! Lol

             There aren't a whole lot of holiday movies that I feel the absolute need to see, but I was very excited when I found Scrooged for $5 at Walmart the other day. Love it!

             I don't know about those of you with little girls, but my 3 year old is obsessed with having her nails painted. (Not my fault. Up until yesterday, I hadn't painted mine since I got married over 6 years ago. Seriously.) So we were both festive and painted our nails red and green. I'm glad she doesn't know better because I did a terrible job. Lol
             We've also been making lots of ornaments this week. As I may have mentioned in a recent post, a vast majority of our Christmas tree ornaments got ruined by a snow globe busting in the same box. (Again, not sure why there was a sole snow globe in there.) But, it was a good excuse to get rid of some ones I didn't have the heart to throw away anyways and make new ones. Like I mentioned above, I'll be working on getting a post together of easy, toddler/pre-schooler friendly ornaments soon!
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