Monday, December 14, 2015

Plant Therapy KidSafe Germ Destroyer Review


             Hey folks! It's that time of year that everyone is visiting friends and family more or out battling the crowds, shopping for gifts. That also means it's the time of year that germs and illness seem to spread like wildfire! Luckily, especially if you have young children, I've got a great product to share with you to help keep the germs at bay this year!
             Plant Therapy offers all kinds of essential oils (singles and synergies), for adults and children, as well as accessories, such as diffusers and carrier oils. What caught my attention about Plant Therapy is that they have their own line of kid-friendly essential oil blends which are aptly named KidSafe.
             As some of you may know, some essential oils are not safe to use with young children, which is a big part of why this line was created: to take the guessing game out of which oils are safe for what ages of children, etc. (What parent couldn't use less things to worry about?) KidSafe oils were created for children aged 2-10 and common ailments for that age group, such as colds, attention issues, sleeping troubles, and much more. You can find them in their pure form and dilute them yourself, use them in a diffuser, etc., or pre-diluted roll-ons, if you prefer.

             I recently had the opportunity to review Plant Therapy's KidSafe Germ Destroyer roll-on. Although designed to help your kids feel better and get well when already sick, I have been using it as a preventative measure. Try as I might not to be a germophobe, I am a little bit, especially this time of year. Plus, we have been out and about a lot for play dates and doctor's visits lately. You know. Like the worst possibly places to spread germs!
             It's still early and we've only been using it for a few weeks, but, knock on wood, we haven't caught anything yet. (I've been using it as well because nothing is worse than being sick when you're pregnant!) Although I'm sure it will catch up to us eventually, I like that I have a natural way to help Myka feel better when she does! And, as you can see below, she enjoys putting it on herself. ;)

             There are a couple things I especially like about the Germ Destroyer roll-on. I like that it is convenient. Besides being pre-diluted, it's the perfect size to stick in your purse or pocket on the go. It smells good too. You might think the smell of some of the essential oils would clash, but it's a nice blend of trees and flowers with the spruce and lavender. (It also contains marjoram, rosalina, and lemon.)
             Be sure to get your own Germ Destroyer roll-on or regular, undiluted bottle by visiting Plant Therapy's website. You can stay up-to-date with them and watch for special sales and promotions by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Oh. And if you're feeling extra lucky, be sure to stop by the giveaway page to enter for a chance to win your own KidSafe Germ Destroyer Roll-On!

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