Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week in Photos-12/2/15

            Hey folks! Last week was interesting. We finally had a laid back week for the most part, but we had some sadness too. Monday, when Myka and I got home from a playdate, we found our mama cat dead in the front yard. We're guessing she probably got into a fight with some sort of critter. Friday morning I found one of our kittens, Frodo, dead in front of our main garage. :( My husband thinks he may have accidentally ran over him when he left for work, so that just makes it even worse because now he feels extra bad.

            Other than that, we had a nice, relaxed Thanksgiving dinner at our house. It was just the three of us and my parents. Here are some cute little place holder turkeys Myka and I made. I'm so glad we have a library card now because I found this idea in a craft book in the kids section!

            I am normally a major grinch when it comes to Christmas, but I've gotten a lot better since having Myka. I finally got around to making her a felt tree she can redecorate over and over. She really liked it! We actually got our real tree up this week too, but I'm not ready to take any pictures of it yet. It's kind of sad looking, in my opinion, because we had a snow globe (why it was with the ornaments I don't know) break and ruined the majority of ornaments. So, now I at least have an excuse to make more!

            Myka talked me into going for a walk down to the creek one day last week. We had just started on the trail when we came across this guy below. I was not pleased. It was 50 degrees out, fgs. I thought it was dead at first. Needless to say, we walked elsewhere because I am still not a fan of snakes, no matter how big or small, dangerous or not they are!

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